How can you improve your German?

I recently passed the B2 exam.To reach this level, I have done several things. A few of them are, so to speak, my “secrets” that I will reveal today.

  • You should have a lot of self-conversations in German – that helped me a lot.

You can express your thoughts and opinions very clearly in these conversations. This not only helps you speak better, but also better thinking and vocabulary. With such conversations you don’t need to be afraid, because only you can hear it. You should also make sure that you make few mistakes. If you notice that you made a lot of mistakes in a conversation, then you should have that conversation again, but this time with hardly any mistakes. If you don’t think of a word during the conversation, you should look up the word immediately. If you were to have only such a self-talk every day, you would be able to speak more fluently in a month.

  • Whenever you get an opportunity to communicate with real Germans, you have to seize them.
  • So you can be sure that what you are learning will indeed be used.

  • In addition to learning, you should watch movies or TV series or read books.
  • You can find translated TV series on this great website Home – Burning Series: Watch series online.These series will certainly encourage you by noting that you can already hear and understand a lot of German. These series also ensure that you adjust to German. With such series, you understand new words and word connections in context, which is very important when learning languages.

  • You should learn more vocabulary.
  • I would like to emphasise this point very much.I have realised that vocabulary plays a very important role in improving and embellishing our language. You need a good vocabulary to be able to read, hear, write and speak properly! A great strategy to learn more vocabulary is self-absorption. You should speak the words and their meanings and record that.You should hear these recordings every day before you sleep. In a few days you will notice that you have already memorized the meanings of all words. This strategy is also good because you practice German every day.

  • You should try to think in German.
  • Most foreign language learners first think in their mother tongue and then translate the words. This is not a good strategy at all, which means that we can never properly adapt to a language.

  • You should try to “live” German.
  • This means that you should constantly deal with German – write an answer to Quora, see a little video about skiing, read an article from DW and sometimes listen to German songs and sing along.If you were to deal with the language in this way, you would quickly improve your German.

  • You can make friends with other people who also speakGerman.
  • You can create such a group yourself. I am sure that many would show their interest in this.

  • If such a thing is not possible, you can attend German courses.
  • The courses provide an opportunity to interact with like-minded people.There you can also make mistakes without fear, because the place is meant for it. No one would make fun of you and you can practice your language.

  • You should set the phone toGerman.
  • I found this particularly good because it allowed me to learn many normal words like “swipe” and “tap”.

  • You should use more phrases.
  • The peculiarity of the German language lies in its unique phrases.These proverbs greatly embellish the language. Here you will find a list of the most important German phrases – phrases & proverbs

    All these tips I found very helpful.Hopefully they will help you 🙂

    Thank you very much for reading my answer!Hopefully I have inspired you to think today 🙂

    PS: I’m still learning German, so a few bugs may have crept into this text.I would be very grateful if anyone could draw my attention to these mistakes.

    Edit: Andreas Eisele, Philip Newton thank you very much for the great changes 🙂

    Footnotes – Rahi Joshi’s answer to How can I improve my German?

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