How can you help an alcoholic or to be helped?

Not at all.

You could throw the alcoholic out if he lives in your household, withdraw any support from him, and make sure he falls on the face.And hope that he finally wakes up.

The first step must be that the Alki wants to help himself.

For the alcoholic, the first step is the realization that he is an alcoholic.It is extremely difficult, and it is very rarely of any use when you tell him that. He does not believe it, or he denies it, even though he knows it secretly. If this knowledge is missing, you cannot help the alcoholic.

It may be that the alcoholic comes to his senses halfway if you drop him.But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Is it a friend or neighbour: do not leave any alcohol visible with you.A neighbour did this, and said of another, alcoholic neighbour who visited him: “He will know for himself what he can drink. I’m not going to forbid him.’

That’s just stupid.the alcoholic is not responsible for himself with regard to alcohol. So Alk is locked away when you get visit from an addict. He probably won’t visit you anymore, but that’s part of it.

So the alcoholic must first realize: I am an alcoholic.

The next step is for him to say to himself, “I have to and i want to change this!”

When this point is reached, YOU are in demand.They offer help, and if you are asked for help, give it. Go to a clinic. For example. ODer, if the patient dares a cold withdrawal, take care of him. A cold withdrawal is brutal.

b! r! u! t! a! l!

He is hell, and an alcoholic can die from it.Then you are asked, so before, of course. As a listener, “pocket towel” when howling, holding on and going to a hospital if necessary, grief box, whatever you should be there first.

But above all as a listener.You need patience. A lot of patience.

When withdrawal is done in a clinic, this is often helpful.

During his addiction, the alcoholic will ignore you, deny his illness, turn a blind eye to what he is doing to himself and others, and how sick he is.

There are, with luck, situations where the alcoholic is put before the decision to continue, or die.However, such a situation cannot be forced. It is individual.

I, for example, almost died.And I spent 6 weeks in the hospital. Cold withdrawal. With hallucinations, panic attacks, and more. Wonderful but without cramps and tremors and so on…

The most important thing was that people listened to me because I had a lot of need for speech, and that the people who had endured me were nifty.

This is the period when the alcoholic needs you most.

If you are a direct relative, you should consider attending a self-help group for relatives of alcohol sufferers.An alcoholic often destroys not only himself, but also relatives.

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