How can you find out if people you work with are secretly racist but are doing nicely for fear of falling through the basket? They often make denigrating jokes, giving them hints of their racist mindset, how do you deal with them?

If you suspect someone that they are racist because they do make very regular racist remarks, I would just ask what they mean by those comments.If they are then vulnerable, and want to listen to your input, ‘ r is probably nothing to worry about. Someone who is truly racist will not be willing to listen, and that is your first indication that you have to deal with someone who is convinced of ‘ N extreme right-wing ideology.

However, some people are pretty good at propagating extreme right in such a way that it is not visible to the average human being.Gaslighting Such a strategy is of extreme right.It is know that racism or other extreme right-wing ideology is frowned upon by the majority of people, so one hides behind freedom of expression and tolerance, irony and superficial rationality. Gaslighting is then willfully giving the other the impression that they are paranoid when you confront people with their language use.”You see racism everywhere, I think you should talk to the GP.” It’s a trick, and if you see someone fitting gaslighting , that’s an indication that one is applying a conscious strategy.

The consistency of the behavior is ‘ n ‘ sign that it is an ideology.If someone grumbled once on ‘ n Moroccan because something is happening it should be able to. If someone is constantly grumbling about Moroccans, you know that the subject is that someone is close to the heart.

Another sign that it is about ideology is the coherence of ideas.If someone actually adheres to extreme right-wing ideology, you can also see other topics like:

  • Anti-feminism;
  • Anti-LGBT;
  • ‘ IQ-realism ‘, or other ways in which one wants to distinguish one breed from another.

The use of the word breed is also a rather ‘ n ‘ indication, considering only extreme right in that kind of terms wants to think. The normal word is ethnicity;

  • Naming Anti-PC culture and freedom of expression as the highest value without giving in to others freedom of expression;
  • Conspiracy theories such as the international elite of the New World Order, climate skepticism, overpopulation, etc.;
  • Social Darwinism, or the belief that inequality is the product of a natural order and that marginalised people belong in the lower rank of society.
  • When you don’t feel that someone is not playing open card and is simply racist when someone is showing the above behavior, you can do the best ‘ n Number of things:

    • Legitimore the strategy is not to talk to the mouth of this kind of people.

    Say you find this kind of language unrefreshed;

  • Communicate to third parties at work that will make you uncomfortable with your colleague’s statements.
  • If it’s really about bullying, get the boss right away;

  • Repeat ‘ n ‘ without eupheisms.
  • E.g. “that moat of mosques” becomes “I didn’t know you’d hate foreigners”. If you get back: “They have to adapt”, you can link back: “I think we are living in a tolerant society. Have no problems with that myself. ” Make the intolerance explicit. Daylight is the best disinfection (or IIG, which is what I still hope).

    I don’t (yet) have a lot of experience with this type of situation, so feel free to improvise.Especially do what feels good for you. My style is more like the confrontation, but if you feel unsafe or have a different kind of conflict style, just try to get as much distance from that kind of people as possible. Involve third parties anyway to make the situation at work more enjoyable. I hope you have something to do with this. Great luck!

    So they do nice to you and jokes with you on the work…

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