How can you easily distinguish Spanish accents?

yes.You can travel, but there is also the Internet, where we can watch many videos from different countries.

Spanish is a world language and it is almost the lingua franca in the western hemisphere, i.e. there are several variations that are more part of a continuum.There is no Argentinian Spanish or Mexican Spanish – there is the accent from Buenos Aires or Mexico City.

The best thing to do is to deal with the general trends first:

Seseo vs. Ceceo: In northern Spain, the “C” and the “Z” are pronounced with the tongue between the upper and lower incisors, respectively.such as the English “TH” in the word“through“.In the rest of the world, the pronunciation is like a German “ß”.

Aspiration of S at the end of the syllable: in most dialects the “S” at the end of the syllable is pronounced like an aspiration (something like an “H”) or just not pronounced.

An Argentinian would say: /Ehpa’ol/- a Mexican rather /ESpaol/.

Yeismo vs. Lleesmo: in most variations, the ‘LL’ is pronounced as well as a ‘Y’.

Nevertheless, there are some variations in which the ‘LL’ is pronounced as a mixture between ‘L’ and ‘I’.

For the variations that Yeismo has, there are a number of debates for this phoneme.

In the Caribbean, Chile, Peru and southern Spain, the “Y/LL” is pronounced just like a German “J”. In Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica and northern Spain, the “Y/LL” is pronounced more like an English G/J. In Argentina and Uruguay it is pronounced like a German “SCH”.

What helps us most to acknowledge a person’s origin is the melody of the language.The Argentines and Uruguayans, for example, speak with an Italian intonation:

Colombians and Venezuelans from certain regions have a similar intonation, but Venezuelans have more typical features of Caribbean Spanish.Venezuelans sound like they’re tired, while Colombians sound much more formal and coservative.

(The man on the left is Venezuelan, the man on the right is Colombian).

Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans have a very sweet accent.You can hear it at Salma Hayek when she speaks in English.

Spaniards, against, speak out directly.It sounds masculine, fast and a bit aggressive:

Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans have more African influence than any other dialect.They also speak very male and as if they had an egg in their mouth.

Chileans speak very quickly with a high tone.The other countries mock them for their accents because they seem incomprehensible to most.

Peruvians, Ecuatians and Boliwians all have different accents, but it sounds very similar to The Mexican.It is for me the most neutral intonation, it is spoken slowly.

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