How can you cope with fear of being rejected by the people around you?

There are two things you can do to change this process.

The first is to realise that we often have incredibly high demands for ourselves and much lower demands for others, especially if we have not gotten the good education.As a result, we do not accept certain things from ourselves, while we accept them from others.

What you can teach yourself is to turn it around: “If another would do this, I would just accept it.I wouldn’t mind that at all. “

If you accept it from others, then why not yourself?

Yes no, you protest, I do not reject myself, I am afraid that others will.JAAAA, but you’re afraid of it because you’re experiencing your own behavior negatively. You definitely reject yourself. You’ve probably learned that in your childhood (as far too many people, including myself), parents who ever told you or showed that you weren’t good enough, that you did it wrong, that if you do… Thank you…. And that you have attracted yourself so that you are going to believe that yourself. You’re doing it anyway just wrong. And that means that people will reject you, because that is the lesson you have received from your parents.

You are going to weigh your own behaviour all day long: is THIS the behavior that will make them reject me?And you find that in all behaviours, because actually you do not know exactly what will lead to rejection, so you also worry about behaviour which could lead to rejection, not just about that behaviour which has so far led to rejection.

So, turn it around: I accept this from others, so I can also accept it from myself.

The second thing you have to turn around is your conclusion about what others will think of it.Learn to think yourself: if I can accept this, then others can. Your behaviour is objectively not at all so wrong that people will reject you. You come to late. WHO DOESN’T??? But if YOU come too late does the world suddenly go? No right? Surely that is no different than that Gabrielle es comes to a late time, which you are very happy to laugh at? Everything you think and feel and are, that is not so extreme weird that you are incomparably with other people. You are a human being, like everyone else.

Twist twist twist and keep turning: move in the shoes of the other.

I will give a nice example of that, which helped me to turn it around.I was exactly so, terrified to be rejected. Terrified to be found otherwise, laughed, Nagestard.

I was about to hang out on the balcony, when the high school went out behind our house.And I felt so incredibly watched. And weird. I stand there then, was hang up.

And all of a sudden, like a lightning bolt, shot inward: all those guys who walk there are tough to do, who all have mothers who had been standing to hang on, either on Balkonnen or not.They give me no attention at all because hanging up is dead normal.

And that’s where it started.Since then I can turn it around. And that helps, tremendously.

It does cost time.Be patient with yourself. That’s what you deserve, namely. It’s very annoying that it’s still so, but you’re going to change it, and that needs time. Again: Turn it around: you would not snub another one who works on it “say so, you do it again,” so you shouldn’t do that with yourself either. Be just as sweet for yourself as you are for others.

When you look back at your own life, you can certainly remember moments where you have been rejected for something: a promotion, a job, a project, a team, a function in an association, or maybe you were rejected by a friend whose You thought it was the true.

At鈩?N moment rejection can feel destructive.

Most of us would not feel comfortable telling us about our rejections and our failure.

We keep those things to ourselves, because we are afraid that we would again be鈩?or that people would find us less worthy.We only play them in our heads when we doubt ourselves or feel insecure about us.

But we forget 茫 漏 茫 漏 n thing… namely that this HAPPENS at all.

People are rejected all the time. Even people we see as a success now.

Harry Potter writer JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishing houses.Madonna was once fired at Dunkin芒 鈧劉 Donuts. And when her band 芒 鈧?虄The Breakfast Club芒 鈧劉 was dumped by the record company, she decided to go solo. Vogue-editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was once fired at Harper芒 鈧劉 s Bazaar. Similar stories are there about The Beatles 芒 鈧?”no record company wanted to draw them, and Walt Disney was fired because of 芒 鈧?虄lack of Imagination鈩?

Dealing with rejection is a painful but normal part of our growth as a human being.

While one door seems to strike close in our face, another opens.You will learn to find the courage to continue through your vulnerability.

Most people give up, and admit to their limiting beliefs: they are stuck in self-doubt.

These are three ways to deal positively with rejection.

1.Connect back to your WHY

Take some time for yourself.And remind yourself of your WHY, so that you will regain clarity instead of doubting yourself.

Why do you want to succeed?How will your life look, and how will you feel when you finally succeed?

Let courage overcome your fear.Let fear not determine your decisions.


Be prepared to feel fear, and do it anyway

When you come out of your comfort zone, you grow as a human being.

You stretch yourself and Create a new 芒 鈧?”larger 芒 鈧? comfort zone.

That requires courage and perseverance because it may not always be comfortable and rather exciting.

Learn to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Choose to be courageous.Focus on what is important to you and believe in yourself.

3.Protect your confidence

Stop listening to that voice in your mind that hampers you.For it does not speak the truth.

Develop a deeper understanding of your emotions, strengths and limitations.Recognize how negative patterns can overwhelm you and cause stress. Unleash emotions that hinder you. You can learn this by keeping a diary.

See obstacles as opportunities on your way.Rejection is a way to grow. It can make you stronger, more determined and more successful.

Not only in relationships, but also in other areas you get to deal with rejection.

That hurts.

But do not try to take it too personally. Often the rejection has nothing to do with you and everything with the person who rejected you.

The better you can deal with rejection, the stronger your life is.

Source of inspiration: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

If I know that I will gladly tell you.Right now, my coping strategy is avoidance: I am away from being rejected, I keep “The honor to Myself”. That is wrong and not recommended.

Not to be ignored by yourself and to pleasen the other.In my opinion, you must stay in particular. Rejection belongs somewhere to life. Everyone is ever dealing with rejection. So accepting somewhere that rejection is part of life and that after a rejection you are still as valuable as before. Fear of being rejected stems from lack of self-love. To accept yourself for who you are can reduce those feelings of anxiety.

I’ve had a long time, and I’m still bothered by it, I always try to think for a moment, this person would really do that, etc etc etc

Try to remember that people around you would never just point you out, they want the best for you, if you always make a problem, that will not help

Try to unleash it, try to enjoy the moment

You can, for example, give your fear a call to account.Supposing: You are rejected. Ok. What does that concretely suggest? Does anyone pour 5 liters of gasoline over you and fire you? Is your naked in a pillory struck in the village square? Are you going to lose your whole and hack? Is your life really over? How bad is it really?

Is it not like those who see a furry tarantulas in every national spider?

Bring things back to their true dimensions.Of course with a lot of patience for themselves-every little step celebrating-yes I did it!! And possibly with guidance.

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