How can you best help develop empathy in a child? Or is empathy not taught?

A very small child only consists of a very small ‘ I-you ‘.By going with others it teaches that others have boundaries, vulnerabilities, sensitivities.

Empathy you develop in dealing with others: brothers, sisters, crèche, classmates.On your own, you cannot develop compassion, sympathy and later empathy.

So yes, it is learned and no, you do not have to do anything for it.Well, you should not educate your child isolated. A child learns it in practice by going with peers. And in the beginning you have to make sure that they do not damage each other-because that should teach a child.

It takes a village to raise a child.

The way I try, and I think it works nicely.Is her (my daughter) learning that you should always look at things from more sides.

I also try to teach her to listen, listening means being quiet and trying to repeat what the person says.She’s 5 so I don’t do it exactly as soon as it sounds here.

For myself, I do, I try to hear your argument, to make him stronger and to say “is it true that you meant this or that and you agree with me that sister or so” and if I can articulate Jouwn’s opinion well , then I can only form my opinion or connect my response to it.

I learned that very late but I have a lot to do with it.And the other person hopefully also because if I feel heard, I will feel so heard.

Personally I do not have children myself so I can speak hard from experience.

Children’s environment has a tremendous impact on their development and the way they live.I compare them as it were with a sponge. It seems to me that the most obvious is to give myself the example and to deal with them empathically. You can also surround yourself with empathic people who indirectly show the example. If they are younger they will mainly notice the bigger things like for example that you take care of a caring family member or even better when a passer-by falls on the street and you immediately get help while your child is there. Once they get older they will also pick up the smaller subtle empathy, such as being kind to the omsta or having an empathic conversation with others. If the child is older, I would just talk to the child in a mature way by giving examples of your own life and what this has brought to you personally.

Empathy is in my opinion a willingness to open yourself up to others.By giving the example yourself to your environment and allowing them to sit on the right path.

You can try to give the child a number of values.Ultimately, it is important that he himself makes his own choices that feel good for him and whether empathy is part of it now or not, both choices are OK.

I think empathy is an innate trait. What does not mean that it can be developed or reduced to development through education.There are two things that one can do best as parents to stimulate development I think. First, to make the child feel the empathy of the parents as much as possible, let them experience how pleasant that is, how much that can help in handling and processing nasty experiences. Second, the Prelife, as parents that also allow others to see.

I am not an expert but still here my thoughts

Empathy is a part of moral upbringing and as all moral traits to learn.

Easier to learn from a young child because it still has blank moral views.

As Plato’s allegory of the cave denoted that one is being/is what one experiences and sees, the young child will learn and be influenced by his surroundings.

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