How can you best convince someone who believes that the Earth is flat?

They are not convincing, they present themselves as skeptics, but are pseudo-skeptics and are not really looking for the right answer.

My experience is that they like to dump as many arguments as possible on you and then run away before you have been able to refute the first argument-which does not even take that much time.

A few times there will be a hang around, but a real reaction to your rebuttal of arguments does not get you.They exhibit a few standard comments:

  • You are being called out for SHEEPL-by that they mean that they, as true religious, understand how it is but that you have been let yourself be soothe by a gigantic conspiracy where not seldom AND NASA AND Freemasonry AND the entire international Involved in the scientific world.

It is not that they can underpin this assertion.

  • They simply move on to the next non-throbbing argument.
  • There are plenty of them on the internet and FlatEarthers do little trouble to understand and investigate the argument themselves-or have the capacities not before-so it’s simple copy-paste.

  • In the occasional cases when they go into the counter-argument, they do so by pulling away as much as possible from the unwelcome struts of science.
  • Until they have arrived at Aristotle’s level and only recognise methods that are based on direct sensory perceptions-anyway their skill with instruments like the ruler, the compass and the geo-triangle is rudimentary. And mathematics is also, say, not their thing. There are quite a few videos on YouTube where they present complex arguments with triangles whose corners together pass the 180 degrees comprehensively-to name a figurine.

    In the discussion with FlatEarthers, it is still important to recognise the following two things:

    • The Plataardigen ship rather between the claim that the Earth is flat, and the denial that the earth is a sphere. Logically, it is not the same, that if you have disbaned one model, the other model is true. Arguments that the earth would not be around there they have pretty much of it-although all wrong-arguments that the earth is flat you rarely hear.
    • The platers have no model of the flat Earth in which they can explain all observations, as we do for the spherical Earth.

    There are big problems with observations that we can do every day, and the most common-but always half-baked-ideas about how a flat earth should look.

    People who believe in the flat Earth are not convincing, certainly not in the short term.They are in a bubble with their internet friends, in which, like in some religious currents, sound is out of the question. Quite literally even, there are some who really blame the devil.

    However, it remains important to speak again, especially to prevent them from lighting other people.Indeed, the belief in a flat Earth is linked to the distrust of science and the solutions that science can provide for the challenges of our time.

    As the quoraserver it holds some simple irrefutable arguments that you can throw into the battle to underline the bolvoress:

    • There are flight routes-regular scheduled flights-in the southern hemisphere in east-West direction that take as long as similar routes in the northern hemisphere.
    • If you look at the moon a little better in Australia, then you will see that IE is upside down, compared to how you see him in the Netherlands.
    • In any case, the sun disappears behind the horizon every night.

    And stays equally large throughout the day. In the flat model you have two options: either he disappears under the edge-but then his time zones do not explain, or he turns laps above the earth disk, but then does not explain that the summer nights in Lapland last longer than in Bali.

    This is another useful website to check out the most common nonsense arguments: Home

    A believer is someone who assumes something for where and has no need for research into what is really true. He does believe it.You don’t do much about that.

    However, there are flat Earth believers who claim to have “evidence” for a flat Earth.Helaaas prove that “prove” to be no more than amateurious YouTube videos of other flat Earth believers (nice lens!). And although all these videos have long been debunked, they continue to repeat them as far as ever. These are also not convincing. Favorite words of this group are: Fake and conspiracy. Also “Do your own research” you hear them often say. Apparently they mean searching for pro Flat earth videos on the internet.

    I have been joining Bol vs plat for a year now.I have had to hear a lot of unsubstantiated allegations of flat Earth. I have three (randomly chosen) proposals for research, to underpin (or Debunken) 3 by Flat Earth believers. So it is up to the flat Earth to take care of the foundations!

    1 An empirical investigation into the existence of a dome

    2 an expedition to Antarctica to show that Antarctica is inaccessible

    3 evidence that there are thousands of scientists who “know” that the Earth is flat.

    Ad1 Flat Earth believers claim that more and more believers are coming.There would have been many million. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem to start a crowdfunfding to crash a rocket against the dome.

    AD2 Antarctica Treaty prohibits no one from visiting Antarctica.The aim is to keep Antarctica clean, peaceful and safe. And if you see what happened a few months ago at the top of Mount Everest, you can only applaud that Mar.

    Ad3 I was often told that scientists are afraid of their careers.Are flat Earth scientists really that hard, they don’t dare to come out for their beliefs? Isn’t a Snowden among them?

    May up to the horizon and then basement you down.

    By undoing the Antarctica treaty

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