How can you become socially intelligent?

Here I will give away the secret of FBI agents and mediums that they have kept away from us for years.

Some will have a concrete idea as to what social intelligence means.

And you will enjoy this answer because you are going to be on what I am talking about.

Well the answer to that question can be best answered via Alfred Adler’s quote:

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another”

Someone who understands people has that people generally think and do the same! We all share the same brain.

And the people who are best able to figure out people’s stories are psychic coldreaders

And what is their secret?


Disfigure which signals people are sending out.

The subconscious signals that someone gives off tell the most about that person.Master this technique and it’s like you’re starting to see the code of the Matrix.

The secret is that the smallest choices people make most say about their character.

It is the ego that brings us through life and actually makes the greatest choices.

And this ego is the story what people tell themselves!

  • Someone who wants to be a pilot may want freedom
  • One who looks up to great figures of history may be longing for power
  • Someone who believes in the spirit may desire spirituality
  • Someone who wants to become a psychologist may wish for helpfulness

Ego is a story that consists of motivations, conflicts and they as the protagonist!

Agents from THE FBI have taught themselves this way to notice when people are lying.

All from the thousands of signals through body language.

Imagine if you are interacting with someone.

Well if they answer your question. And they look from their perspective to the left above, chances are they are lying!(This image shows the opposite: visual construct)

“Being able to read people’s signals is just a mind reader!”

Thanks for reading!

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