How can you be successful in life?

Moin Moin,

first you have to clarify for yourself what success means.

Is it the thick car at the door?The fat Koto? Bless you? Freedom? Family?

What are your goals and visions in life?What values do you want to live by?

For me, success is the continuous realization of a goal or ideal that you appreciate!

Now that you’ve found your vision, your goals, you need a plan, a strategy, and you’re going to do it.

But what successful people and personalities have in common, I show you here in the diagram:

So to be successful, you need some skills.Success does not knock on your door.

1.Where do you want to go? What is your vision? Your goal? Without a goal and vision, you will never be successful in life.

2.Take 100% responsibility for your actions andactions, or not to act.Don’t blame anyone for your situation, because if you blame you, you give power to you.

You are where you are at the moment because you have made the decisions for it.

Point.Nobody else.

3.Self-discipline: do what you have to do the moment you have to doit.That’s it! If you want to get fitter, do sports. Point! If you want to save, spend less money! This is no secret, it is self-discipline.

4.Learn everyday, learn from books, from the people who are where you want to go.

5.Without health, everything is nothing. The healthy one has many desires, the sick only one.He knows what it is all about. Means: Take care of your diet and your body by exercising.

6. Recognize the opportunitiesyou are offered.Do not see the stumbling block in all problems, but learn to deal with them.

We all have problems, the only ones who don’t have one are in the cemetery.

7. Reduce your smartphone consumption. You become addicted and become more and more from the active role to the reactive role.

8.Don’t compare yourself to anyone! Comparisons are death of happiness.

a.You compare yourself and feel superior, you think you are successful. But by what standard? Has the other perhaps stopped getting better?

b.You compare yourself and feel inferior, but you will find people in all areas who are better than you. Then you might lose the courage and self-confidence.

Compare yourself only to your own scale!

9.Pay attention to your surroundings!You are the surch cut of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.

Whoever these people keep you down, your goals and question you, make you miserable: you can’t do that, you never get that, etc… then you have a problem.

They don’t want you to succeed.You would hold a mirror in front of them and reflect their laziness. Of course, they do not want that.

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