How can you avoid doing everything at the last minute?

If you do everything at the last minute, that means that you actually delay until that moment, instead of taking action sooner/in time.

Therefore, this is already 5 simple techniques to stop that procrastination.

So you finally get to do what you bring in life.

1.Determine your final goal

Sometimes we show procrastination because we just haven’t determined exactly what we want to do.

A task always seems bigger or more complex if you don’t know the specifics.

Think of what you want to achieve. Do you know what your desired end result is?

For example, you can create a list or a mind map with all the parts of the larger task.

What small steps can you put to get there?

2.Identify the first step, and put that

Instead of addressing the entire task at once (which can be exhausting and overwhelming), just start with the basics.

Take a single step toward your goal.

Once started it is easier to do further.

Elien looked up against organizing the family party in a new restaurant.But they just checked the menu on the website. And so she got in motion anyway. The procrastination was averted.


Schedule time for something college -and limit your work

It may seem weird to plan a pleasant reward in advance, but just this may be helpful in getting things done.A pleasant activity awaits you after work. This allows you to have a coffee with a friend, or to see that new film in the cinema.

Once you’ve scheduled the fun, the next step is to put a time limit on your work.

Whether it’s a specific length of time or a specific amount of work you want to complete, don’t give yourself an option other than to do the job instead of needlessly smearing it over several days, weeks, or even months.Sit down, do the work, and then enjoy your well-deserved reward.

4.Get physically moving

You don’t want to go to the fitness or write that note at work?Instead of mentally getting yourself down with a mountain of reasons or excuses, you focus on physical actions.

All you have to do is take physical actions to put yourself on your way to completing your task.

Take your fitness attire, your car keys and drive away, or open your word processing program and your notes and start typing.

You will be a step closer to doing what you need to do.Because once you are moving it would be rather crazy to stop.

5.Eliminate distractions

Are you easily distracted during your work?By a colleague, or by your smartphone or email? Then eliminate these distractions. Turn off your mobile phone, log out of Facebook or Instagram, go to a quiet meeting room or corner in the office, study in the library, go to a coffee bar, use a noise canceling headphones, or turn on a baby sitter.

Remove what distracts you from your environment.So that there is nothing else to sit down and do your job.

This is a question that has a personal answer for everyone.As for the one that works, it doesn’t always work for the other.

There are a lot of ways you can avoid doing everything at the last minute.Or better, how you can work on it to learn yourself on time starting with things.

This is a personal search for what works for you.

For me, it works very much to plan and establish personal deadlines that lie before the normal deadline.For example, if a report is to be handed down before Friday, I’ll put my personal deadline on Wednesday. I plan time for the days to get started and on the Wednesday to be so that I can finish it. This allows you to finish it before your original deadline and you’ll have more control over it in plans. If you need to deliver multiple things on the same day, you will spread them over a period of time with your own deadlines. Because of this you don’t have to do everything in time and you have everything on time.

But as I said before, it’s a personal search for at the best works for you.

Good day, I work at a recruitment agency within the commercial sector and many deadlines will be included.

How we make sure to always achieve our deadlines is as follows;

  • Set your final deadline, make it realistic and fix it one week before the actual date.
  • Create a multi-step plan, goals, and assignments.

This allows you to work more motivated and with more focus.

  • Put all the steps in the calendar so you have multiple deadlines and become accustomed to them.
  • Ultimately, the stress can be much better and the deadlines are also easier to achieve.

  • Engage your fellow man and make sure your goals, assignments and deadlines are known to everyone.
  • This ensures that your colleagues have more understanding of your situation and may be able to help.

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