How can we obtain the power of prayer?

It depends on the deity you worship.The god Thor is beside a war god also the God over the weather, agriculture and fertility in general. You don’t have to worship him unless you need something from him. For a good harvest you can, for example, sacrifice beer to Thor. Thor loves beer So if you drink a beer you can order an extra beer for Thor. Just drop in the bar and it goes on by itself if you don’t pay attention…

But for Buddha you can pray and sacrifice in a completely different way.For example, before the meal, you can mentally offer your food to Buddha before you eat it yourself. In addition, it is important to collect and offer positive energy as a sacrifice. Incense and candles also do well when worshiping…

But according to me, you worship the God of Abraham.For many followers, Yahweh is the only, true God, and your prayer is therefore addressed to him.However, many Christians are going to mistake this because they also pray to Jesus, but in the Old Testament it is clear that you cannot worship any other than God himself, and Jesus is not God. Well his son but not God. So your prayer point to Jesus is blasfemie.

But whoever or whatever you are adheres to, the power of prayer is in free will.You don’t have to pray but you do it out of your free will. You also really want to do it otherwise it definitely doesn’t work. So pray for eating or sleeping because it must be wrong. This is taught to you by people who try to suppress your free will with the rules that people have devised in the name of God. False prophets Actually, where you are warned time and again. You have free will so if you do not want to pray then God will understand that perfectly well.

Because your prayer is not what is important in life, but what you do.Just as with Buddha simply gather positive energy by helping people and e.g. to offer someone a beer. Being generous and willing to share is important. Combating poverty and helping people and animals in distress is important. But furthermore, you must also make sure that you are happy in life and lead a virtuous life.

And when you live so you will find that your prayer is also more powerful, no matter who you worship…

Jehova God said: “Then thou shalt call me, and go, and pray unto me; And I will hear you. “(Jer. 29:12)

God tells us very simply and clearly that as long as we worship God with a sincere heart, he will help us and use his words to accomplish everything.

The Truth in the Bible contains many verses, with the power of prayer changing all things.For example: God inspired Noah to build the Ark, Noah had never seen what an Ark looked like. But he had a fair heart and prayed to God. God inspired and led him, and in the end he miraculously built a great Ark. When God destroyed the world through a flood, only the 8 people of the Noah’s family survived; When Joshua led the citizens and conquered the city of Jericho, it was through prayer. The people of the city of Ninev茅 were not destroyed by God, but they obtained God’s mercy and they could live further, this was also achieved through prayer. Esther led her Israeli countrymen, praying for three days and three nights, Jehovah God listened to their prayers, and the Israelites were rescued from a tremendous catastrophe.

Through prayer we see and discover that the power of prayer is powerful. If we sacrifice our heartfelt heart to God in prayers, and look at God with our hearts, amazing and unexpected things will happen.Prayer is very important.

When we are at work, and encounter some difficulties, how shall we pray to God and obtain the power of prayer?

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