How can the level of Quora be maintained?

Withholding Quora from people, as Christian Kohlberger wants, does not help anyone in the long run.We need many more users to make the platform more diverse. Any interest should be covered here at some point.

(But I understand you Chris, nobody wants to see the community stray here)

I would say that we must make full use of Quora.Reading what is written and occasionally writing a short answer is not enough. The good-question users do the same. But we are not. Not yet.

Quora constantly asks for your opinion.Each answer can be evaluated. Please also use this function.

You see a good answer?Thumbs up.You see special effort of the author? Thumbs up.Does a statement make you think? Thumbs up.It doesn’t cost you anything, so don’t geize with foreign things. The authors are all the more pleased about this. It confirms them in their actions. It provides more good answers and helps the other users to find the really good content.

Bad, inappropriate, loveless, false or degrading answers must be shot into nirvana by the community.Enough negative rating permanently hides an answer.This is called quality assurance. You’re a part of it.

Content that violates any rules should be reportedimmediately.It only takes one click and helps keep Quora free of spam, insults or unofficial AfD MPs.

Be tough when it matters.

The Quorans will thank you.

The following section is not a must.If you see yourself at Quora in the future, you should still treat yourself to one minute.

You can ask questions on Quora.That your special questions are answered during your lifetime does not have to be a question of hope.

Formulate them understandably, but still flush.If necessary, you can add a comment to explain it.You can also embed links for additional information.

Each question includes topics.Add the related topics from the list or be the first to open a topic. So your question will reach those who have the right interest and knowledge to help you.

If that is not enough, then send a request to a supposed expert here.This grabs some of them with ambition and often guarantees an answer.

Pleasebefore you ask your first question: See if a similar question has already been asked.After several years, the Quora servers would be full to the lid if every week, every question were asked anew. (I like drama)

You can write unlimited answers.But only where you feel safe.

If you have accumulated life experience or knowledge in an area, please leave it out.Quora is yourvalve.Quora is patient and keeps your question for a long time so that everyone can read it.

This sounds great at first, but it is a double-edged sword.The intellectual waste, because many tip in front of our feeds, remains just as long. Please be aware of this. Always see as a goal some added value for the readers.

Quietly research something before you start typing.Pack facts into your message first, then opinions.This is not the comment section of Spiegel Online/Die Welt or an AfD party congress. If quora degenerates so much one day, then I sign off. Point.

Show us your sources.Add them in the text. This only takes one click, gives the reader security and professionalism.

Stick to German spelling and grammar when writing.Use the format options.Make your answer handsome. please. Imagine you’re writing in a book, not a WhatsApp group.

If the avant-garde Quoras, i.e. all registered at this early stage, adhere to certain standards, the following users will follow it.Let’s get the most out of the platform.

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