How can muscle mass be built up relatively quickly?

The build-up of muscle mass is mainly influenced and determined by 3 factors.If you want to build more strength in the long term, you should not only train more, but also eat better and take conscious regeneration phases.

The 3 pillars of an optimal strength training are therefore:

1.Strength training 2. Regeneration 3. Nutrition

Only those who observe these 3 building blocks, make sense and show regular training and eating habits, will be able to build up muscle mass accordingly.First of all, however, it should be noted that there are 2 basic

Causes of muscle growth


1.Microcracks in the muscles

During training, the muscles are so stressed that microcracks arisein places, the so-called sarcomers.These are rebuilt by the body and supplemented. This leads to a moderate increase that becomes visible in the long term. Especially those who train with large weight masses can feistle so that with increasing training duration, the muscle mass increases.

2.Increase in glycogen mass

Muscle thickness can also be produced via more water-bound glycogen.Thus, no new protein structures are built up, but “only” the plasma amounts in the tissue. This form of muscle building is achieved in general with the repetition number of 6-15. Those who often repeat the exercises but do not reach their maximum strength, ensure that the glycogen stores in the muscle are used up.This training does not therefore ensure the construction of new protein building blocks.

So how can you train to build more muscle mass?

  1. Establish a training plan

A good training plan is half the rent.

However, the following subtlety should be observed. All exercises should contain 8-15 repetitions to increase the glycogen mass.However, the last sentence should – and this is particularly important – be trained until muscle failure.So if you are not yet sloppy after 8-15 repetitions, you can increase the number of repetitions auh to 10-12. With this training concept, the muscle mass is actually increased. Because you send active growth stimuli to your muscles.

2.Choosing the right nutrition strategy

In order to be able to actively build muscle, the body needs above all energy.This should be fed to the body regularly. To build more muscles, a daily calorie surplus of about 300-500 kcal should be generated. The most important tips in the summary

  1. A lot of protein and carbohydrates
  2. at least 300 to 500 kcal per day in addition
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Prevent catabolic phases with many meals and casein
  5. consume moderate fat

3.Perform a good and conscious regeneration

Only when your muscles have time to regenerate can you grow.So it’s important that your muscles get breaks.

As a rule of thumb should be applied.Between each training session there is a daybreak.If you want to train every day, you should definitely do a split training.In this way, you will spare your muscle group and build up more strength in the long term.

If you still have sore muscles, you should not exercise.This is a clear signal from the body that the muscles must first be spared.

Also pay attention to sufficientsleep.Recovery needs your body to be physically and mentally fit again at the next training.


Training practice – What intricacies are important for muscle building

In training practice, it is necessary to observe some subtleties that further promote muscle building and prevent its deeper damage to the muscular structures.

What should be the intensity of the train insgs?

In the best case, at least 2 times per week is trained.With a full-body plan also slightly 3 times per week. This puts strain on the muscles and gives them time to recover.

What weight should be used to train?

In the future, 60-80% of the maximum force should be trained.Before you choose a weight you can see what amount you can move once. From this mass you take about 60-80%. This weight class helps you to build muscle while not provoking injuries. With these weights, 8-15 repetitions are made.

How intensive should training be?

Particularly important is the maxim to train up to muscle fatigue.Only when almost no repetitions are possible is the exercise finished. Then the body has enough growth incentives and muscle growth sets in. However, it is important not to modify the number in the sentences and to keep to it.

How long should I train per day?

A daily training session should not exceed 45-90 min.

With this training period, the risk of excessive swelling is low.

Which exercises are effective?

A frequently asked question refers to the respective exercises.Above all, whole body training exercises are recommended here.


The cross lifting strengthens the thigh, buttocks and the lower and upper back.It is a very versatile exercise that optimally trains the body and demands it holistically.

2.Bench press

The standard exercise in strength building training.She trains chest, triceps and the front shoulder. An exercise that is one of the popular fitness exercises and leads to strengthening of the muscles.

3.Rudder variations



An exercise that demands the upper back and biceps.The intense strength exercise quickly leads to fatigue and should also be repeated with a few sentences. Variations arise when the rod is as in the Fig. once seen from the front or from behind.



Squats strengthen the thigh, buttocks and lower back.This exercise also takes several body parts very intensively and challenges you. A variation is the modern TRX training. Here, a band is used for support and guidance in order to optimize the coordination at the same time. Otherwise, the exercise corresponds to the known squat.

With these exercises, the muscles of the whole body can be stressed relatively quickly.

The exercises are not limited to individual muscles, but require broad muscle groups. A training effect therefore starts relatively quickly.

So there are a lot of subtleties in training that can ultimately make the difference and decide whether you’re building strength or lose strength.Be inspired by the tips and use them for the next training. Maybe in 3 months you can already look at first successes.

Good luck with training!Do you have motivational problems?

Find ways to train motivated again now.


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