How can keywords be optimized?

In order to be really successful in SEO, a good keyword plan should be this article you will get to know some good keyword planners to help you find the right keyword.

The matching keyword planners are known to many: Google Adwords and the search for LSI keywords are useful in order to improve texts as well as to allow optimal SEO to take place.

A particularly excellent way is to use the keyword maps.A suitable strategy when selecting a keyword can therefore also be the useful addition of keywords with additional terms, should an additional sharpening of the keyword take place.

1.Strategy: The benefit supplement

Sharpen your keywords by specifying your details.The text supplement from Google is particularly curative. But the Google Ads Keyword Planner can also help you select already popular keyword combinations. Let’s start looking for a hotel in Frankfurt. The following search combinations may now be considered:

Hotel Frankfurt

Hotel Frankfurt cheap

Hotel Frankfurt Messe cheap

With the last combination, you have both narrowed the location relatively precisely and at the same time have emphasized that you want to live cheaply.With this combination, you can now use the Google Keyword Planner. This also shows that you will meet your target group more precisely if you include the keyword trade fair. This keyword has the advantage that you immediately clarify the purpose of the search and combine your hotel offer with the target group of trade fair visitors. The likelihood of people booking your hotel increases.

2.Observe the competition

Competition also plays an important role in keywords.Keyword Planner therefore point out both with the Bing Keyword Tools at Google Adwords Keywords that the competition for much searched keywords is sometimes very high. It remains to be decided whether particularly competitive keywords are not better described in more detail. This information is clear in the Adwords Keyword Tool.

3.Build keyword density

Not to be forgotten is the density of keywords.When planning, care should be taken to ensure that the density is not too high but not negligible. Many SEO consultants recommend a quota of 2-3%, but rarely more. Ultimately, the keywords should be supplemented with LSI keywords. This creates a text that is also rich in information. The benefit continues to increase for the reader.

4.Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Tool as keyword generators

Keyword generators can also be useful to find suitable keywords and then combine them.If the text is to be found by search engines, the use of adjacent keywords also counts. The following vendors use as keyword generator:


Google Ads

LSI Graph

With these 3 keyword tools, most optimizations can already be made.It should also be noted that per contribution or only one keyword should be optimized for each website. Too many keywords in a post can blur and thus essentially fail to produce the corresponding result.

5.What questions should you consider in your keyword strategy?

  • Are companies willing to invest in their keywords?

Of course, it is important to start paid campaigns in the field of keyword strategy.Especially Paid Ads can also increase your traffic. You also sit in front of the original search entry and have the possibility to get additional traffic.

  • Which keywords are actually related to your website?

The content summary of websites should also be done with regard to the keywords in such a way that appropriate topics are created.A topic cloud then contains not only a focus keyword, but is expanded by several neighboring topics.

  • Do the keywords also match the products offered?

When they offer products, the keywords should also be focused on the products.Ultimately, your products should be found. So if you are a provider of sporting goods, you should make sure that you are closely linked to your sport. Articles and reports can make your page feel better and better found

  • Are the appropriate LSI keywords in your text?

The so-called LSI keywords can play a role in places if you have already increased your keywords.It’s about the fact that corresponding phrases are also taken by search engines and automatically increase your scoring with.

  • Are the keywords so targeted that the user immediately finds what they are looking for?

Also linguistically, your site should be targeted.Only if you manage to be active in the user’s language will you get the added value you expect.

6.What is the seeker’s intention?

In order to be really successful with keywords, the intention of the searchers plays a decisive role.Whoever manages to use keywords correctly, but also to understand the intention of the seeker, will be successful in the long term. The search intention should then also be served in the website. In your article, therefore, the user’s question should be answered in any case. The more information you provide, the better it is. Example: A user is looking for a hotel in Munich. Then he will also click on a hotel offer. However, if you only cover sights on your website, the seeker’s intention to find a hotel in Munich is not covered. It is important to provide this and to provide the information that is currently being sought.

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