How can iron deficiency be treated (self)?

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I have a lack of iron.Anaemia. Lack of red blood cells, i.e. not enough transport of oxygen in the blood.
The O2 saturation measurement on the finger can show 97%, 98% saturation in the blood, it only indicates whether the red blood cells I have work well – but it doesn’t indicate if I have enough of it.
They find this with blood tests.

For me, the intake of iron through food is not enough.So tablets. I am told that spinach is a rumour. Iron tablets from the pharmacy. Are not expensive at all, I take two tablets each 66 mg per day, one in the morning, one in the evening. This has put my red blood cells back in the green area.
Now I am only checked every three or four months.

Iron deficiency can have many different reasons.
In pregnant women and also after the birth of the child, iron deficiency is “normal”, -> tablets.
However, even in old age, a lot of things get mixed up (as with me).So extensive blood testing.
I’m getting a lot of other things.Vitamins D3, B1, B6, an acid, B 12, magnesium, and so on. For example, the body no longer produces vitamin D3 from about 35 or 40 years.

However, only the doctor can determine this by means of blood tests.And checks, at the beginning regularly.

Some vitamins, enzymes and other building agents that are available over the counter can cause the greatest damage if you have or take too much of them.Kidney and liver damage, cardiovascular histories, osteoarthritis, up to irretrievable nerve damage.

Since I am already sufficiently damaged in such things, I go to the doctor with it.
What is written on the packs of “construction substances” and so on it is not regulated, is not controlled, by no authority – the manufacturers can write with impunity what they want, bless and lie.
At the moment, therefore, here in France, a club is going to the barricades, trying to put an end to this machinity.Doctors and bio-chimie-logs are mainly. Laboratories that stink of this, because “people kill themselves like that, break themselves in it – where they think they are doing well. Is only in the beginning.

So, be careful.
Iron tablets can’t really do much damage – as long as you stay with a tablet of 66 mg per day and even that only for a shorttime, no longer than two, three weeks.
If used on a continuous period of time, this can already cause serious damage.Therefore, doctor and blood analyses.
People tolerate iron tablets in very different ways : My wife gets constipation from it, I thin-skin.

I also gave my children twice a year (November and March/April) short Vimin-etc-cure, advised by the pediatrician.

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