How can I stop thinking about the stupid things I have done in the past and continue?

You can realize that you can no longer change the past.What you’re probably most concerned with is the question “Why was I so stupid” and not so much the fact that you made mistakes. You suffer from self-doubt.

Congratulations, you are human.

To enter into this self-accusation you may ask yourself:

  • What I learned from this error
  • What positive effects are emerging (not necessarily for yourself)
  • What can the situation still mean

There is nothing wrong with thinking about stupid things.But your point will be that your reflection leads to nothing, at the very most to self-reproach and ‘ circling-thinking ‘ (= the same thinking again and again). You will not go any further.

If you would like to think so, this might be more constructive.Every man sometimes does stupid things and it is very good to consider them. With the key question: “What am I learning from here now.” Check if errors are recovering. If yes: Restore (as far as possible). If no: Too bad, back to the key question ‘ What do I learn from ‘ and the question ‘ What do I need to do not make that mistake again ‘. If you do it so you are doing well!

Maybe you can forgive yourself any stupid thing that you have ever done.

Maybe life can’t sit in continually doing right and good things.Perhaps this is impossible.

Perhaps we can assume that the best we can ever do is our best, under the circumstances and then learn from the consequences thereof.

Perhaps this is the reality and the truth.The reality is our friend. Perhaps our imagination is our enemy, if it deviates from the truth. Perhaps we can bend ourselves in humility for reality and accept it, rather than listening to our imagination.

Perhaps there is some pride in the substance of these thoughts: the expectation that we are or should be better.Better than other people.

I know that.

We forgive others for their mistakes.Maybe we can do the same with that of ourselves. We are no different from others. Not special in this area.

By giving it a place.

Of mistakes you learn and if you have done stupid things you can not blame yourself.Only you shouldn’t make the same stupid mistake again, then you’re a bit vague

Mistakes cause new challenges, because you have to correct or no longer make mistakes.But you’re not going to linger.

Everyone learns of his own stupid decisions and learns to cope with it.That’s what a person makes or if you stay in it, it just has the opposite effect.

That’s not easy because it’s different for everyone.

The most important thing is to learn to master your head.Allez, the brain then anyway. It takes time and effort. With trial and error. But there is no way besides.

Man Sana in Corpore Sano, one says, but one gives no explanation.For me, as an engineer, it’s so frustrating to see how everyone is being killed. The rules apply only to some. At the same time, my intellect is the only thing I can earn money with. I never believed that I could control thoughts. But I do succeed. What one learns in school is absolutely not enough to keep you standing in life. And hygiene of the spirit is something you never hear about in schools. And there is a sequence.

  1. Your body needs to be maintained, and believe me, sports or activity is always difficult.

And your diet and sleep is extremely important. Let your blood evaluate and keep an eye on what you are deficient in. Iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins. I grow tomatoes myself, compare that with the turps they sell in the shop then you know that mass cultivation is too crazy to run loose. Away taste, away vitamins, away minerals.

  • Point 1 is very important, especially to get the head in order.
  • Mental training is necessary and for everyone else. For me, the mindfulness Bodyscan is a powerful weapon. All the mumbo jumbo left there it’s going to concentrate on a voice and on your body and relax it. At the same time, you empty your head. And that is very important. I have to make it myself a habit, but it is 100% definitely worth it.

    It’s not so much the thoughts themselves, rather the circling with always the same kind of thoughts.Did you know that if you drive the car you always have to look along an obstacle in order not to touch it? Well, it’s the same with negative thoughts. You can only avoid through positive thoughts (though they are fake) the negative. The negative destroys you want to do something about it. By taking up positivism, you program yourself to undertake something. By looking to avoid the negative and thus looking at the positive, you can change things. Not 1 day. But in the longer term. You need to know which carrot you should use to turn the donkey to move. Figuratively of course.

    Stupid and intelligent are relative notions.

    The one can’t do without the other.

    Find a balance and also try to think of the good dinges you’ve done in the past.

    Until one day you will have to find out that plus and minus are made to attract each other to form a whole.

    When you reach those stages you will be unascended from duality and thus find rest in your mind.

    Congratulations, you’ve learned!

    After all, a man learns most of his mistakes and not his successes. Perhaps this is because mistakes are more painful and therefore better left in memory. Mistakes do not make you express, mistakes happen when you try to do something right or do something enjoyable. It does not matter whether this is easy or difficult. Therefore, enjoy the good part of what you were planning. After all, this is your success. Too bad it went wrong, but my experience has taught me that you don’t quickly make the same mistake in the same situation more a second time. Moreover, you are not the only one who makes this kind of mistakes. It might be your sense of responsibility, so you’ll find your mistakes so much. That too is positive, because that means that you do your best to not make that kind of mistakes.

    Don’t kick in the trap now that you don’t dare to make mistakes, because then you will never go to extremes to bring something to a success.After all, you can’t bake an egg without first destroying the shell.

    Success continues!


    You realize that you are not the only one.
    Are you human?

    It is usually an event where another person has been involved.It is an illusion to think that person remembers it. So importantly, we are not in the lives of others.

    There is value to it.You learn from it, and have probably adjusted your behavior

    You are a musician.A piece of music will play really well when you ‘ live ‘ it, when it is in the muscle memory. You do this by playing the piece 1000 times. As a result, a good number of neural pathways are built over this piece in your brain, and you don’t have to think about it anymore. (You probably know better than me, I can cheat F眉r Elise excellently. I venture to the assumption that you have to bother..)

    Those amplified neural pathways make you think about those stupid things at the most unexpected moments.And yes, you can often not suppress a sigh or crazy sound.

    Learn to laugh.You look at the moment when the child is what you were then. Laugh at this child and aai it over the sphere.

    It is fixed well:)

    Going further you can only if you keep doing things.Whether those things are stupid or not, you always know only afterwards. But then you’ve already done them.

    If you, once you realize that something was stupid, can discover why it was stupid, you can from that moment on, avoid that stupid thing to do,

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