How can I stop dermatillomania?

I just specified that.

Yes, you can make sure in therapy.Do I want to be in therapy again? Well…. No. I’ve been doing so terribly much therapy, if this is the worst I’m still walking around with, then I’m really very happy.

My wife got me off the Accounter, which was a requirement for her.I have stopped from one day to the other and I do not even have that much trouble. But butting to the rest of my body? I am often not even aware that I am doing it.

So I accept it and try to limit it to moments when I am alone, as my wife is creepy.

Impulse control disorders are difficult to control.Psychotherapy in combination with medication is reasonably successful.

The most famous impulse control disorder is ‘ hair pulling ‘, known by the beautiful name Trichotillomanie.That can go so far that people really have bald patches on the head-a face where the hair-pullers are also ashamed. In Light Form We know it all: by rooting the hair, picking little…

Dermatillomania can adopt extreme forms.There are people who ‘ crass the bone ‘. And yes, then you need some. Also here we are all familiar with the light forms-in fact we are sitting all day to pick ourselves.

According to the beloved Freud, all this is a form of self gratification: generating fierce sensations in their own body.The criterion par excellence is, of course, the degree of self-damage. If it is minimal: pick it up. A second criterion is the reaction of the social environment: you can become crazy of such a person. That is also the two reasons why people seek professional help.

Seems very difficult, I have no experience with it myself.Well, I’m familiar with things I do myself from stupid automatism. It is then often looking for exactly the right trigger to teach yourself different behaviors. Slowly but surely keep yourself ‘ programming ‘ to do something different. You can use the trigger to make yourself a lot aware of your behavior. Maybe every time you get yourself caught you cut your fingers. You learn that yourself to make you yourself more aware of that you do it and then learn it yourself.

It seems very difficult to do so…

I would like to help you here but I have other weird ticks I’m gonna think but my trick to stop biting nails let go on this problem.I was going to distract other things from me it’s a stress thingy I guess. I’ve stopped many things alone and I notice that if I replace it with something else I have to completely focus on that I’m so in on that I don’t have time to think of the “forbidden behavior”. Problem is that I have to do that with healthy things. I would hook or knit or a musical instrument something you keep hands and your brains busy. I use gaming and sports for myself but that’s also boring. I can only run 6 laps on a day and pool is only a few hours a week. Thing is I’m all addictive junk stopped on smoking after.

Talk to your GP about the desire to stop doing so.Maybe it’s not psychic, but something can be done about it.

If it is psychological, you can be referred to a psychologist/psychiatrist.It can then work with you (if you pass the waiting list) to a solution.

Yourself to bloody Tor open scratching (Dermatillomania so) can also be caused because you constantly feel itching.This may indicate another disease, such as diabetes. There are also treatments for this.

I would recommend that you seek professional psychological help to find, identify and, where possible, solve the underlying problems.

But these are things that you can often not do yourself or alone.

I’ve deepened myself a bit.If this has become a compulsive behavior for you, then you would like to pay extra attention to ignoring the impulse of doing. If that fails once is no disaster you can continue it and then try to suppress the tendency and consciously control it because this is not good for you if you keep doing it. You can avoid the tendency with regular your skin which is also necessary to continue to moisturize preferably with greasy creams like petroleum jelly for example which helps to restore your skin also faster. If it stays hydrated, you prevent the irritating itching and you may not be bothered by any stimuli to scratch it anyway. First you become aware of it. Later this will happen automatically.

If this behavior causes deeper psychological cause you could go to your GP and request professional help from the GGZ after consultation with your GP.Do not ignore the signals. Psychological complaints are not nothing. They deserve attention and care. Seek help from trained therapists who can help find and treat the cause. Because if this is the result you have not yet finished your problem with petroleum jelly. You could be prevented, even though crabs and pulses, find a new way and that unconsciously because of ignored and untreated psychological complaints.

Great luck!Hope you can do something with this.

If it itches, you have to scratch it, it’s that blissful sense of enlightenment that you pursue. Over time, it becomes a compulsion. Shift your attention to things that inspire you, act actively in a way that appeals to your energy. You are at the helm, and you decide if you stop or not, you and your body are one.

Seems to me rather a question for a professional.

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