How can I stop bad thoughts?

Bad thoughts As for example can also occur in obsessive thinking?I recently saw an instructive movie about what actually came down to the following:

  1. Become aware that you are doing it
  2. Say at that time STOP against yourself
  3. Ask yourself 5 questions.

These questions can be different for everyone but it goes like this. How cold is it outside? How cold or hot do I feel? Do I feel hungry right now? Etc. The trick is that you ask questions that focus attention to yourself and to how you feel mentally and physically.

In addiction Treatment, they also know this as a HALT.Do I feel ‘ hungry, angry, lonely, tired ‘? In an addiction, if you are suffering from cravings, you can ask yourself if one of these four applies. It pushes the attention to feeling. I think this also works in bad thoughts or obsessive thinking.

I find this a question that I would ask first, are those bad thoughts created from nothing or are they triggered?As the first applicable I will work on generating positive energy. Sports and even walking or light cardio training generates 5x more positive energy than just other doping. Once of many times I was very irritated woke up and was spanked. Then jumped on the crosstrainer in me living room and as it were I felt that heavy energy left me body. Could help with thoughts? Everyone’s own.

If second applies so they are triggered then this can be remedied with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy.With application of helping thoughts rather than negative so destructive thoughts. RET can help you in this. If your negative thinking pattern is caused by fear for example grief or anger these easy exercises come in handy. After being aware of it, you become consciously proficiant. With sufficient exercise you will become more unconscious. So it is automatically invested to have so much time in it. Also the 4G and the 3G schedule can teach you a lot. Event thoughts feelings behavior or thoughts feelings behavior and what is why arise. Because of events in life, you are going to have thoughts and thoughts evoke certain feelings in you, causing a certain behavior to arise. Whether you change your perspective and adjust your mind for the same events can be viewed from multiple angles so people react differently to same events. So outgoing your thoughts on events will determine your feelings that can therefore express in a different behavior.

Hope you can do something with this.

Ps.If you can think negatively you can also think positively. If it costs you a lot of energy negatively as positive thinking why would you go for something that works destructively? Give a smile you will receive a smile.

Bad thoughts. Who told you?Talk to a friend with whom you can be open. Firstly, you find them bad, or would others do. You need to know if these are really bad. With what size.

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