How can I start investing?

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There are many ways you could start investing.

You can enter real estate, equities, funds, ETF’s, Bitcoins, etc.invest with a broker, private banker, your home bank or a robo-advisor.There are enough possibilities.

What you should invest in depends on your current financial situation and investment goals.

Before you start investing, you should clarify the followingquestions.


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  • How long do you want to invest?

As a rule of thumb, the longer the better … Especially from an investment period of 10 years, the risk of losing money is significantly reduced.

  • How much cash buffer do you need before you start?

Hard times and expenses can come as a surprise.We therefore recommend keeping 3-6 monthly wages in cash on the side.

  • When should I start investing money?

Once your cash buffer is well filled with 3-6 monthly wages, it makes sense to think about investing money.Before that, better leave your fingers off.

  • Would you rather invest everything at once or monthly?

Especially with larger sums, it is advisable to build up your investments gradually over a longer period of time.This smooths the purchase price of your investments.

  • How much risk can I take?

This depends on many factors. It is best to read more here.

  • Where do I invest?

Stocks, bonds, house purchases or bitcoin?

Not everything in the same pot.Even if Bitcoin irritates you so much.

  • When should I board?

The best moment to get in was 20 years ago.

The second best is today.

Unfortunately, no one can predict the future of financial markets.⚠️

Nevertheless, based on facts and data, you should constantly monitor & adjust yourinvestments. For example, because of how much Swiss francs you pay for a company’s profit.

  • Should I also invest if I have a mortgage?

If you need to repay loans, you may want to reduce your risk of your investments.

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