How can I release an angry or evil feeling as soon as possible when I’m at work?

I join Cornelis.What can help is these rules apply continuously.
If you can go in peace with these feelings in a private atmosphere-a routine teaches to yourself, you will be able to apply it a lot quicker at work.You have to have a base.

I see anger as a big red cloud in my head.It causes red fog, so I can’t see things right. When I feel like that I go away from my place, or away from where that fog arose. On the TOILET (for example) you can be all alone. I’ll just sit there, close my eyes, move my hands forward with the palms up and picture me that the mist goes through my neck to my shoulders, from my shoulders to my forearms and from my forearms to my palms, where it then Leaves my body. The fog moving forward I do by breathing quietly in and out. Every time I exhale the mist slides through, I do this until the last tail through my palms leaves my body.

Does it work?Of course. The imagery can already be very powerful, but if that would not work, it would work anyway because while you are trying to push the fog forward, you are focusing on pushing the turmoil in your head to your rest in your body.

The more you practice this, the faster it goes.When I do it now the red mist in one long breath is already in the end of my forearm, at the next exhale it is my body out.

If you later notice that the fog returns again, it helps to write things away.There may be a feeling of “having said that,” or “I don’t want him to think he can just get away with it”-that feeling is there while you know that if you really would say what it just becomes a bigger problem. That kind of moments I go out in my break and I look for a quiet spot, I write on it (also use real pen and paper) what I actually wanted to say and I do not take a leaf for the mouth! The only thing I don’t use is names or whatever. Just what I had wanted to say.
Once I’ve done that, I’ll just enjoy my break.When it is time to go in I throw my words hup so the trash in along with the nasty feeling I have. Works for me always.

If there is so much going on in your work that you remain angry, you can repeat all the steps of Cornelis at home in any order, as often as necessary.This will help you with the current problem to deal with, but also in the future provide guidance. The fine of brains is that they like to take over things, you just have to do it a few times;)

Front hammer to let go of your desk, and you will feel equal pieces better…


By concentrating on you work and not to the gene that made you hurt breathe a few times deep in and out and count from 10 to 0

You probably have some too much hay on the fork.

So ask yourself where does that psychological strain come from.

And what can you do to reduce its load.

This strain creates the turmoil in your psyche that is the ear of your sleep problems.

Because you have not had enough night’s sleep, you can reduce the load on the day,

That will make you angry or evil faster.

Go for a walk around the block, and look at every building, tree, car, and keep doing this until one is feeling better.This simple Effective method will extrovert you. This is part of the things you would learn about doing a course called > person efficiency, based on the works of LRH and the book called The Problems of work, this curses can be done in Amsterdam in an hour or three at Scientology.

You have to see it as a storm that has driven your rest.Give it no attention, distance yourself from it.

You should try to see yourself apart from that anger.

Become an observer of that anger.

Tom we all have emotions and it’s not bad to be angry or hurt anyone has a limit of tolerance.As soon as this limit is reached, the brain transforms into defense and creates substances in our brains that put a mechanism into action of anger and misunderstanding. As soon as you feel this feeling, you should always think that colleague who gives me this emotion at this time and tries to keep my day out is demeaning and I am not going to disturb me. If you notice that this is no longer incidental then you have to call the relevant colleague alone and indicate that you are not served by the behavior and that you also like to see this behavior differently. Do you know the saying it can always be better? That saying ensures that we can never perform substandard because there is a sanction for it, and this is stress and stress also gives the emotion evil, angry and sad. Change starts with yourself. Good luck!

My father always said, first to count 10.

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