How can I raise my child to become an entrepreneur?

You will be asked for tips for a specific project.What is coming is a handful of half-hearted critiques of his educational goal. Quora is there to get answers. You do not know the questioners, the child does not and their life situation. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to see his own child as an eternal employee. In some countries, a normal job means being a picker on the plantation or getting a starvation wage in the sewing shop. An early banonising with self-employment is not so wrong.

You know the American Dream, after which everyone can achieve what they want.An entire people gets this attitude infused and in the imagination of most, the fulfillment of this dream does not consist in the scoundring on the assembly line. You want to achieve something of your own, even if there are risks associated with it. Are the Americans now on the wrong track because they are awakening unfulfillable expectations in their children? perhaps. In Germany, on the other hand, the willingness to take risks is particularly weak.

Here you could start and show the child the risks and benefits of his actions.This can be illustrated with everyday things. If it is old enough, we can also talk about concrete deals. A kiosk is taken for granted by children. It can be explained that he also pays rent and taxes and has to buy the sweets. Thus, the child can gradually be taken out of the naive worldview. Of course only from a certain age, because naivety is part of childhood

One big mistake parents can make is the unconscious swarming of safe workplaces or a career as a civil servant.These two career paths are the opposite of entrepreneurship. Even studying no longer promises a secure job. If the child wants to escape permanently into safe conditions, he loses his sense of business. This is about the great uncertainty, which can at the same time bring great successes.

Gradually teach the child how to deal with his and later your finances.Playfully, this is best done. There are already some good computer games. You leave a factory or plan, build and manage an airport down to the last detail. Areas must be designated, buildings commissioned and employees hired. A basic understanding is conveyed. The book ” The RichestMan of Babylon” can convey basic rules for dealing with money.It is short and packs eternal wisdom into a vivid story for young and old. At the end of school, more detailed works can be produced, such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“.

From the 10th grade onwards, students in Lower Saxony can take part in the Stock Exchange game.With a certain amount on the depot, classmates have to decide which real companies they want to invest in. They have to make decisions in the team and get the results of their investments every day. Young people quickly learn how complex and merciless the financial world can be. Only with luck, the group does not survive the 30 days of the competition.

Every entrepreneur must be aware of the complexity of today’s world.You can see new hip shops constantly sprouting in inner cities. The operators are young and have great new ideas that they bring with them. Nevertheless, many of them close soon because the handling of money and risks is not practiced. But they might never have come to their own business if they had to give up their official office for it.

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