How can I prevent self-sabotage?

In the years that I coach people, I have discovered that we all have patterns that keep us away from success.I do it myself sometimes.

These are the 7 ways we sabotage ourselves.

1.You ask yourself the wrong questions
Don’t spend your time and energy on what-if questions like what if it’s impossible?What if I’m not good enough? What if this is not the right decision? These questions do not help you further and suck all the energy and motivation out of your way.

Change them into how, who and what-questions, such As: How do I tackle this?What is the first step? Who can help me?
This way you spend your energy finding answers that bring you closer to success.

2.You compare yourself with others
Whether you want to start a business or learn a new skill, you are always looking for others who have made it to you.If you do the same as they do, you also expect to achieve the same results.
But what you don’t see are their setbacks and failures, and all the obstacles they have overcome along the way.So you can think that they weren’t there, and that others were immediately successful. The moment you get the trouble yourself, you feel discouraged and unsuccessful.

So You focus on where you are today, and how far you have hit since yesterday. That will give you a better picture of your own progress.

3.You are waiting for permission from others
We all want the approval of those who are dear to us.In your head, their approval means that you are on the right track. You don’t want to be disappointed. And so you get stuck and let yourself be paralyse by a critical remark or a luse reaction. Don’t let that happen.

ONLY You know what is best for you. Rely on your gut feeling, live according to your own standards, and create the life that makes you happy.


You expect immediate results
What?I have put so much effort into this, and nobody has noticed it? What a loss of time, I can better stop it right away. ” That’s about what I thought myself, after I posted my first blog text.So be patient, be consistent and give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve the results you want.

5.You listen to everyone except yourself
You’re new, so find your advice.Everyone has an opinion on the subject, so you listen to everyone. You think they are all experts who know what they are talking about, and so you have to follow their advice so as not to fail terribly. The problem is that those opinions push you in all possible directions , so you end up paralyzed and do nothing .Listen and learn, and then follow your own instinct.Trust that you will find your own way, and that which will be the right thing for you.

6.You wait for the ‘ right ‘ moment
Sometimes you continue to postpone something, because it is not yet the ‘ right ‘ moment. You have to adjust it some more, you have to gain some more experience, you have to learn some extra things.You wait until the economy is better, or the weather, or there is a sign that you should start.
All these things are just procrastination tactics of your brain.The right time is now.
Only by starting can you discover what you can adjust and improve afterwards, never before.

7.You take no action
You make lists, and beautiful plans.You re-write those plans and use a cool app to rework them. You are talking about your plans, visualizing them, watching them critically. In other words, you do everything except perform them and take action.

While your first step, your first action, however small, is more useful than any of the world’s plans. It is even possible that your first step changes all your previous plans.So spend your time on acting, not planning, if you want to achieve something.

Would an impartial, neutral spectator capture the same actions that you just did?

Are you aware of the emotions that affect your decisions and put them out of action.

And try the 5 second line.Every time you decide to take a decision, count from 5 to 0. At zero you take action.

Or honor an old wisdom.Throw a coin into the air. Not to let chance decide, but because you suddenly realize what you hope for.

People who are inclined to self-sabotage do so unconsciously.They are full of unconscious behavioural patterns that lead to this. It is the art to find out what patterns these are, and to break them. One way to do this is to schedule therapy.

By first recognizing the existing sabotage, you can better protect yourself in the future.

First point is to be aware of self sabotage.You see that you cannot reach or achieve something, and you know that no one else has had any influence. So you see that you are the one who is in your way.

After you are aware you can ask yourself why you are doing this.Sometimes the reason may be that you are afraid to succeed, or you think deep inside that you will not succeed. This is often tricky, and takes time and energy. Be honest with yourself, but don’t blame yourself. We are all people, we all make mistakes. It is very clever that you see this.

It follows the so-called reprogramming.In this you make sure that you have changed old Pratronen and beliefs into new ones, which you do serve. Mantra, Affirmations, meditations and many repetitions of new beliefs will emerge. Also this takes time, but give yourself that time, and don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t succeed right.

After this you will probably feel better about yourself.Things you say to yourself and how you behave towards yourself will be different. You’re less in your way.

I am not a professional, so I cannot guarantee that this will also succeed 100%.I have applied it myself to other aspects in my life, and will do well rather than harm.

Best of luck, and I hope to have answered your question a bit.

I am currently trying to teach myself.I recently heard that you have a 5 seconds window to get into action for that your brains will sabotage you. So just do it! And don’t wait with it. But this is also a persistent pattern to come out of the rhythm is repeated every time harder and increasingly difficult. So do it now.

If this meant you with this question.

Very difficult, everyone does it a bit.You all have situations or people or things you are afraid of. If you encounter these situations in your career in your life in your happiness, you will be unconsciously going to sabotage yourself, not having to deal with those situations.

The best thing you can do is look at where it used to be wrong. To what you have sabotaged in your life on Closer view.And what was the reason for it, what frightened you. If you have found that, you will have to confront those fears. Slowly calmly to not just jumping into it simply, by thinking about it. It can be very rational fears if, for example, you have experienced a trauma can be something incredibly unrational.

You should not be ashamed of that. I’m going to tell some private’s. I always had a completely incomprehensible fear of barriers.You read it well the psychiatrist had a fear of slagboomen.

Go and do that.Well a lot of feelings later I found out that it was with me the fear of going further. To a higher level and stuck there. Not to be able to develop further. When I knew that problem I was no longer afraid and I did not sabotage myself.

So the best thing you can do against self-sabotage is to invent why you are putting away those obstacles for yourself. This often has to do with fear or sadness and to get out of the way. You don’t have to solve it right that’s a long way, but only recognizing the problem will help you get on your way.

Don’t try to

Simple: Treat yourself as you would treat your child.Your child wouldn’t be maunking anyway?

Sabotage is thoroughly planned step by step.

Saboting yourself requires a lot of energy, inhibiting energy.Crippling. You will be quiet and afraid of it. Who is now not afraid of sabotage that suddenly strikes… Just because that should….

Become loud and present as soon as you notice the brake.Become a loud fear hare that jumps high instead of the fear hare that stiffening.

Feel good to yourself.

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