How can I prevent my skin from ageing?

You have exchanged your smoking for a sunscreen and drink 2 liters of water per day.However, there are other ways to counteract the outbreak that you may not have attempted yet. These are simple steps in your life and challenge the watch.



Rule number one: Always wear a broadband light protection factor on your face that protects against UVA and UVB rays.Rule number two – eat them! It is known that certain foods increase lycopene, the skin’s own light protection factor. As an antioxidant in tomatoes, other red and orange fruits and vegetables, it can boost your sun protection by a whopping 33%. One of the best sources is tomato paste – did anyone say Spagbol? Green tea is a green tea and also contains caffeine, which is thought to reduce the risk of skin cancer. If you need a treat, high-quality dark chocolate is a tool that can protect you from sunburn. Bonus!


Sport is as good for your skin as it is for it, as it releases a compound called IL 15 that prevents cell death.A study by McMaster University in Canada found that participants who cycled only twice a week for three months reportedly made the skin look decades younger. Amazing Here are other reasons why exercise is good for your skin.


Take a minute each night to massage your skincare products, which in turn helps lift your facial muscles.Make circular movements with your fingertips in opposite directions on each hand, this promotes elasticity and breaks the stress pattern to prevent degeneration of the tissue.


A high-sugar diet accelerates the glycation process that causes the skin to age.Mica Engel of London’s Waterhouse Young Clinic explains in Sweet Nothing by Nicole Mowbray: “Glycation is when excess glucose from the bloodstream binds to the ‘youth proteins’ of the skin (the collagen and elastin, the youthful skin so plump and doughy and instead they become brittle and stiff. ” This caramelization process says goodbye to the baby’s faces. Swap sugary treats for anti-aging antioxidants such as dark berries, avocados and green juices.


“With age, the skin’s ability to hold water decreases and dehydration often occurs,” says Dr. Joe Cincotta of Time Bomb Cosmetics.What does that mean? It looks flat and fine lines appear, which must be extinguished with moisturizing skin care over the drinking water. Check out the best offers for a moisture boost here.


Promoting the peeling of dead skin cells accelerates the growth of new skin cells.Young skin is smooth and reflects the light better, while older skin becomes rougher, which breaks the light. Regular peeling helps you to maintain your radiance and a radiant youthful radiance.

7.UP Your Oils

Cosmos Beauty Director swears that he takes omega oils at a young age – daily eaten fish or vegetable omega oil capsules – and applies a few drops of rosehip (or other omega-rich) facial oil every night.These “good fats” are responsible for the health of the cell membrane, which – if healthy – results in a finer skin.


Never go to bed with an uncleand face – it no doubt ages as it immediately clogs (and expands) the pores and over time causes collagen degradation.Use a balm or a mild foam cleaner in the shower – it also takes off your make-up and rinses it clean. easy!


Your face must MOVE to maintain elasticity.If you do not exercise your facial muscles, they can relax like your body. The more they move, the more elastic and supple they remain. Try these 6 yoga poses for a painless facelift! Yoga, whether for the face or not, is also a good technique against stress, which is important in the fight against aging, as stress can accelerate skin aging by up to 10 years.


When you’re tired, you tend to get slightly stressed and ask for junk food – both are notorious contemporaries.This is minimized not only by an 8-hour closing of the eye when you sleep, repairs your skin by itself and new cells grow to replace older ones. The growth hormone only works at night, so beauty sleep is more than a myth – that’s why people are day-active.

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