How can I prepare for a successful career in politics?

Cynical question.

Here’s the cynical answer.

First of all, make it clear that you have to spend a lot of time.Most of this time will be filled with conversations and these conversations will be cumbersome and exhausting.

Look for a smaller party.They often have a lack of members on the ground and are grateful if you can put up someone who gets a straight sentence out.

Understand the internal climate there.Generally, you might have it easier in AfD and LINKEn, as they have a high deflating rate, which reduces your competition. The Greens and the FDP are already a different calibre, the educational bourgeoisie is beating through more strongly and you can quickly be sidelined if you are just a steam chatterer.

This does not mean that you absolutely have to be wiser now, but that you should take attitudes that they think are wiser.Read a suitable newspaper regularly. With the Greens, that would be SZ or taz. I don’t know what the Liberals are reading.

In PDL and AfD, the local paper is enough, at least at the beginning.Develop instinct for triggers that you can use to reap encouragement.

“HARTZ IV!” or “ISLAAAM!” always works in AfD and PDL.I don’t know what’s in which party right now. In the FDP you should use the term “freedom” frequently, with the Greens “sustainable”.

If you are still young enough, join the youth organization and see that you will quickly become a spokesman for your local association.As such, you almost always have a ticket in the adult party, for any list place for the local elections.

Make your local politics tidy and do party work on the side.Say, connect beyond your local border. Every party now has its media, the Greens afaik the “root work”, AfD Facebook and Whatsapp for example.

You are now in an important phase.Just don’t start arriving with private life or leisure. Your goal must be to be either a district manager or an employee of a member of parliament or an active member of a state or federal working group. Studying at the side can’t hurt. Political science, business administration or law, depending on the party.

As this, you can try to get on the national board.Once you get there, you can work on your list place to btW or LTW.

Here are two short career suggestions:

Career 1: AfD

Go to the AfD as a cleaner.Never make crap, always be serious, dress conservatively. Internally you are allowed (and must) like to mob, publicly this is a no-go.

Youth organisation, if possible.A special topic can help, e.g.: net policy, but never forget to dress it up properly (in that case it would probably be “resistance to censorship” or something). Study law, if possible.

Always suggest radicals in a moderate tone within the party, which gives you the reputation of being a “reasonable”.But never be too smart! If you get over too intellectual, they can’t hurt you because you’re supposedly arrogant.

“Take responsibility” as soon as any close official throws the chunks.Candidacy for BTW 2021.

Career 2: Greens

Cut your hair and create a green lifestyle. Become at least a flexitarian and visit a gallery from time to time.Offer at general meetings to cooperate in all sorts of things and do so.

Avoid extreme positions and never argue, even objectively.”Green discussion culture” can be a wall. Quassel not too much and don’t get on your nerves.

Youth organisation if possible.

If your district association consists of men of older semesters, be cautiously “Islamic critical”.If your district association is younger, then please the other way around. Always claim not to belong to any “wing” and give to the integrative. But connect via the Realo distributor. The left-hander, you just read along.

Try to work early beyond the local border.Visit events of neighbouring district associations. Join the said working groups. The LGBT AGs are bsplw. quite powerful. If you’re gay, that would be pretty good here. If not, consider whether you want to be gay.

Get your delegates from your district association.Visit LDKs and BDKs and tell smart things in the smoking corner.

Do proper local politics, do not support “spinner motions” in principle and try to obtain a state board post by voting your district association and your AGs.There you are in the right position to aim for a list place.

That’s shaken off your sleeve.

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