How can I overcome laziness and become more motivated again?

Yesterday you were still inspired, but today your energy seems to have disappeared and it seems like you are lazy and unmotivated.

What happened to your enthusiasm and your passion to realise your new plans or reach your goal?

How come you start doubting yourself?

There are a number of reasons why your energy seeps away.And there are also proven ways to help yourself on top of it, and bring your motivation back to a level.

1.It’s not your own goal

This happens when you want to impress others.You choose a goal that you don’t really think is so important. It does work for awhile, but then you discover a false note in your goal. It doesn’t really feel like it anymore. You can’t remember that this is what you really wanted.

The clearest sign that you have chosen a goal that is not yours is when you struggle to explain to someone else why this is important to you, and you also feel good about it.You feel it in your head, but not in your heart.

So stop with that false purpose, and choose your path by thinking about what you would do when you had no obligation whatsoever.

2.You’re always walking away from things

You strove to get away from something, but that’s better now.And since you haven’t learned to work on something, you don’t know where to go .

This often happens with artists: they start from a pain, a frustration or a anger, and create to get rid of them.After a while they get success, and it is no longer necessary to get away from that feeling. And suddenly the inspiration also seems dried up.

So learn to get motivated by working for pleasure, not just away from pain.Stop to sabotage yourself or create conditions where you have to flee from the pain.


Your ‘ why ‘ is not clear

You can choose a goal that you are enthusiastic about, and passionately work towards this goal.But as long as you have not made clear to yourself why This is important to you, you can easily forget this goal and lose your motivation.

You start to wonder what you are actually doing, and if this is the right way for you.By finding a ‘ why ‘ that comes from your deepest being, you are able to stay focused on what you think is important. Your goals and projects can change, but in the core the theme remains the same. This way you can measure new opportunities according to the extent to which they fit you and your core.

Take some time to ask yourself what you really think is important in life.What do you do it all for? What is your deepest being?

4.You can’t remember why you do what you do

Once you have everything clear, it comes to discipline and exercise.
You have a vision that is important to you, a goal you can work towards.You know why you really want this and can explain that too.

Now it is important to stay connected and remember your goal at all times.

This is the most difficult and longest work, which you may be working on throughout your life.You can train your memory, provide memory support in your environment, practice with others or start every day with your deepest why to take the mind.

Commit yourself to spend ten minutes every day on why you do what you do and connect to your original source of inspiration. One day it will go easier than the other day.We all have a moment when our motivation is far from looking. Accept your natural rhythm, keep practicing and recognise the need for more discipline and the need for rest.

The right action will not always be clear, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

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