How can I motivate myself to prepare for the Abitur?

Since 1980, the rate of graduates has increased from 22 to 53%.Today, therefore, one in two young people in their year of birth is taking A-levels. As a result, the Abitur is no longer just a prerequisite for a course of study, but is also required by many training companies or at least used for the selection of applicants. If you don’t get your A-levels, you’ll reduce the number of options.

If you want to pass the Abitur “only”, you don’t even really have to motivate yourself.With some oral cooperation and a basic understanding of the teaching material, no one can actually fall through his Abitur. If no mistake was made in the assignment to secondary school, this should not be a problem for you. In 2016, by the way, only 3.43% of the 359,760 Abitur examinations nationwide failed.

The following graph shows the distribution of Abitur grades in the 2016 school year as well as the range of NCs of the 10 most popular courses in Germany.Many of the answers so far have suggested that you probably lack a specific goal after your schooling that would motivate you to learn.However, you only need a (very) good Abitur for two of the ten most popular courses of study. Otherwise, you could start your dream studies with a 4.0 A-level (although you can’t choose university with a bad A-level).

In your place, I would wonder why you really have problems working towards a (good) A-level.

Do you lack the necessary self-discipline to concentrate on your school contents for two hours a day?

In this case, you should definitely work on it.Regardless of your later life, I can say one thing with certainty: unpleasant tasks are waiting for you everywhere, which simply have to be done. Part of your work will always consist of annoying activities for which no one can “motivate” themselves. Compared to your later work, the effort for the Abitur is a joke.

Or do you wonder if it really makes sense to invest an enormous amount of time in an excellent A-levels, even though it is not really relevant for your future? Do you have hobbies that you take seriously?Do you teach yourself something that interests you besides school? Do you already earn your first own money by the way? If you feel familiar with these questions, I would say that you are already on the right track. You realize early on that you can only invest time once. To put it in a nutshell: to make an Abitur grade of 1.0 an end in itself and to substonafter everything thoughtlessly to this goal, I do not consider it a wise time allocation.

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