How can I monetize a programming blog without using Google AdSense?

I think the nature of the content doesn’t matter if and how you can make money with your blog.Even with very pointed target groups, money can be made well, as long as the content is good or good. worth reading. – There are a few people out there after all.

Here are my ideas on how you could earn a few euros.

  1. Advertising via alternative marketers to Google Adsense
    You provide the advertising space and a company takes care of the sale and the distribution of the advertising.

There are certainly some here, whose customer base is more at home in IT – so certainly makes sense to research a bit.
However, for some time now, revenues from display advertising have fallen sharply.Much more than 2 euros per 1000 views should no longer be earned. So automatically placed advertising makes more sense for many, many visitors or if you have an “I take what I can get, with minimal effort” setting.

  • You sell your own advertising space
    Like 1. only that you take care of filling your advertising space.
  • This does a lot of work, of course, but can be lucrative if you do it right, especially with very high target groups.
    For example, you could write to someone who offers Agile or Scrum seminars to advertise to you on the blog.

  • Affiliate Links
    The principle is simple: you provide links for your readers that lead to products.
  • If your readers buy the product via this link, you will receive a commission. For example, Amazon offers an affiliate link program, but there are also some other shops (spontaneously I would think of devils).
    鈥a0Works better for some content.For your content area, for example, specialist books would certainly not be uninteresting.

  • You sell your content directly to your readers
    It’s hard to believe, but pay content keeps growing.
  • In fact, it is the case that readers like to pay for quality money.
    Here are several paths to the destination.
    You offer time-limited access to your content.For example, via a subscription or time passes. The principle is very simple. You set a period of time – for example, one month and during that time your readers can purchase access to your articles for a certain amount. Whether you only provide some “Premium” articles for subscribers or all are up to you. In my opinion, building a complete “paywall” only makes sense if you already have a very, very loyal readership. Otherwise, it certainly makes more sense to lure new readers with free articles and to make only special articles abobot.
    Your items are basically free of charge, but you offer additional content for a fee. For example, a food blog could be ready-to-print PDFs or high-resolution photos or videos from an event.
    You sell high-quality individual items.Just as, for example, Spiegel Plus solves via LaterPay. (They also have a WordPress plugin). Part of your article is free to read, who is interested and wants to read on pays a small contribution.
    ‘xa0systems such as LaterPay work on a commission basis, i.e. without a basic fee or minimum turnover – so don’t hurt to try it out (registration is free).There are also super many configuration options for how you want to sell your content.
    The joke at LaterPay in particular is that the entry barrier is super low because readers don’t have to pay for it until they exceed five euros, but they apply across pages.So if, for example, the reader has read at Spiegel Online for 鈧?.50 and you sell an article for one euro, you will still get money, even if the reader has only spent one euro with you.
    However, selling content directly makes more sense to an active readership.If you have quite good views, many of which are not recurring users, you will sell rather few items.
    But if you notice that your readers are getting involved (e.g. in comments, emails or direct messages) you will be surprised how many of them are willing to pay you for your troubles.

  • to donate
    If your content fits and you have a readership that appreciates what you’re doing, it’s always surprising how many people are willing to voluntarily pay money to allow you to continue.
  • In principle, “I find what you do so horny, I want you to have the opportunity to keep doing it”. Zig Youtuber and Twitch Streamer now earn a lot of your income.

  • You write directly Advertorials / Sponsored Posts for customers from your field
    Similar to 2. You take care of donors yourself, in which you offer them to write product reviews, for example.
    Also here, a certain basic readership is a must, probably no one gives you coal if you only have 50 readers a month.
    The advertorial should fit thematically with your blog.
  • Most likely this is a basic requirement of your potential customer anyway, but in order not to scare your readers, you should make sure that advertorials remain worth reading for your readership.

    I hope that helped you a little bit.



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