How can I market myself as a content marketing freelancer in a short-term and effective manner?

As a content marketing freelancer, it’s best to market yourself with a “content marketing strategy”, because that’s how you can also show your potential customers that it works.But content marketing is not a short-term marketing strategy, but a long-term one that only works through continuity and sustainability.

For successful and effective marketing there is no magic formula, but success is always the sum of a combination of different marketing measures, especially content marketing, online PR and social media as well as influencer marketing.

1.Relevant content:
A successful marketing strategy stands and falls with the content.Those who spread relevant content widely on the Internet have a good chance of generating more attention: blog posts with tips, answers to frequently asked questions, current challenges related to the problem solving of the product are good Hanger for content and storytelling. Such information is valuable content that is searched and read on the Internet.

Multiple exploitation of the content:
In order to use the content as economically as possible, it is recommended to use each created topic for different content formats: blog entries, guest posts, online press releases, pictures, infographics, presentations and videos, checklists, etc.

SEO optimization of content:
Whether website, blog post or landing page.An important measure in the is the optimization of the content for readers and search engines, because “only what is searched can also be found“.These include comprehensible texts, read-friendly text structures and important keywords (= terms used and searched by potential customers).

2.Social Media Marketing: for Distribution and Seeding

Social networks are among the most effective sources to generate reach and interact with customers and prospects.Therefore, it is important to publish all posts and media on the social media networks and to establish a direct connection to your own company website.

All posts and images and other content formats should be shared through the main social mediachannels, both on personal profiles, as well as on product or business sites and in groups.Sharing the posts across multiple channels generates many touchpoints for customers and prospects.In order to promote content as effectively as possible, an individual target group approach in the comments and an adaptation of the social media posts make sense to the specific characteristics of each social media platform and community.

Social media tools and plugins help to automatically share posts on social media channels and plan for publication on social networks.

Helpful tools:

  • The Super Socializer (Free) plugin or the Social Warfare (Premium) plugin offers various ways to integrate social media icon and buttons on a website.
  • The WWM Social Share On Image Hover plugin adds up to 6 social media icons to all images: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest and Tumblr and automatically displays the social media icons as soon as readers hover over the images or graphics.
  • With Blog2Social, blog posts can be automatically planned and shared on all social media channels.

Links and posts can be fully automated or individually adapted to each network, shared. Posts can also be planned to be shared at the best times of each network. Blog2Social shares the posts with just a few clicks in parallel on Facebook (profiles, pages), Twitter, Google+ (profiles, pages, groups), LinkedIn (profiles, pages), XING (profiles, pages, groups), Instagram, Pinterset, Flickr, Diigo, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium, Torial and VK. A clear social media calendar allows you to keep an eye on all social media posts, edit already planned social media posts or postpone them to another time.

3.Online PR: Publication of content articles on thematic and press portals

There are numerous free and paid thematic and press portals on which you can publish content by hand.As a basis for such online news, in addition to classic press releases, blog articles, technical articles or product news can also be used. The portals bring the online news to the search engines and from there to interested readers. The right keywords ensure optimal news discoverability. The links in the press releases and news are used to direct interested readers to a website. Many portals are also directly connected to the news channels of Google News, Bing or Yahoo News, so that the news helps to attract a lot of attention, especially in the short term. Through the archives of the portals, however, the messages remain available on the Internet in the long term. In particular, the regular publication of relevant information and news ensures a lasting traffic effect.

Tool Tip:

  • PR-Gateway offers a wide spread of online news on more than 250 themed and press portals, blogs and new services.

The message text is created only once. An automatic text analysis helps with an understandable and reader-friendly design and formatting and supports the SEO optimization of the text with keywords and links. The text of the communication is then sent incl. Image material is transmitted to the desired selection of portals and partially published immediately.

4.Publication of articles in blog and editorial networks

There are other social media platforms with large and active specialist communities where it is worth publishing posts or using them in any other form.A publication with a targeted focus on a specific niche or target group can significantly increase the visibility and reach of a website once again. Of course, it is always important to add a link to the source. Depending on the network, the posts can be linked, or parts or entire contributions can be published.

Tip: Always publish posts on your own website and with a delay of 5-7 days on other websites and portals so that Google can index the original post first.

Network examples:

  • Content networks; Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu, Flipchart
  • Blog networks: Medium, Tumblr or Bloglovin.
  • Journalists Networks: Torial
  • Business Networks: LinkedIn Pulse
  • Question portals: Quora, Brainguide Answers, Yahoo Answers, Who knows what?

5.Networking with influencers

In addition to the extensive distribution of content, it is also important to network with other influential opinion makers from the industry.By sharing and commenting on contributions from key influencers, you can benefit from the reach and reputation of the influencers, increasing attention and reach.

One way to influence and cooperate is to make guest contributions.Pictures and infographics can also be reused in guest posts. Some websites also allow links to a website or content that adds value to their readers, such as checklists or white papers. Many specialist portals and blogs are pleased to have relevant specialist articles on specific topics. It is only important to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for guest posts on the corresponding website and to observe these rules carefully.


  • The influencer marketing search engine Influma helps to find posts on the same or similar topics.
  • Networks like Kred or Klout are a good source to find influencers for specific keywords, topics or industries.

6.Email and newsletter marketing: for lead generation, customer acquisition and customer loyalty

All content strategies can be combined with inbound marketing measures for lead generation and customer acquisition, e.g. for a taster offer, a free checklist, white paper or e-book.
Via opt-in forms for downloads or newsletters or blog subscriptions on the blog and the website, you can set up e-mail mailing lists to stay in touch with customers and prospects with regular email campaigns and newsletters.


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