How can I market my own T-shirts?

In fact, an interesting question, considering that T-shirts are in themselves a generic product.

It all looks the same somehow, doesn’t it?

They can’t stand out by offering special customer benefits, because everyone knows what makes a good shirt.

For this reason, it is advisable to understand what unique selling points are:

  • Special textile quality
    • Special textile standards, such as the FairTradeinitiative
    • Special substances (satin or abstract normally unused substances)
  • Special price
    • Competitive pricing has paid off especially for major brands such as H&M and Primark
    • Particularly high price is particularly noticeable for streetwear brands (see Supreme and Bape)
  • Special individuality
    • Special designs or

media-effective design

  • Individualization through own print motifs or special adaptation to customers
  • These are, of course, only starting points for unique selling points in the textile industry and thus also for T-shirts.

    Now it is necessary to use these unique selling points as a weapon in customer combat.It’s important to reach as many customers as possible using your unique selling points!

    Means of marketing in today’s online business are

    • Classic Facebook and/or Instagram ads
    • Advertisement via well-known blogs and/or influencer sites
    • Dissemination through friends and acquaintances (also called word of mouth)
    • Spreading your brand through trade fairs
    • and many other possibilities…

    There should be no limits to your creativity!Used correctly, everything can be used for marketing in the hands of a good marketing expert.

    Whether it’s a quote from a satisfied customer, whether it’s the use of GiveAway’s or other promotions, or whether it’s just an idea of your product features…. Anything is possible (no Toyota ;D)

    I hope my answer has given you the attitude and ideas you need.Because in the end you have to make sure that everything arrives! After all, it’s your shirts too!


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