How can I make potato puree tastier?

In France we add milk or cream, an egg, a lot of cream butter and some nutmeg.

Add enough liquid to the potatoes, (milk or cream or a bit of both), then add the egg, salt, pepper, nutmeg and a large clumping of butter.Then you have to mash everything and stir with a wooden spoon until you get a mixture that is relatively soft and a bit too liquid. Then put the puree on the fire and stir for a minute or two, the time it dries a bit and becomes velvety soft.

In addition to the most obvious milk and butter; I often grate some cheese through it.Depending on the type of cheese, you can influence the taste of the finished product. Brie, Camembert, Gouda or a blue cheese are extremely suitable for this.

PS.: Be careful with the blue cheese because that flavor is quite strong.After it has already been added, it becomes quite tricky to remove it again. (I know this from experience)

In the same way as kale, actually: use coconut oil…:-)

But seriously, coconut oil is almost tasteless after heating so that the potato flavor is better preserved.

And then add spices to further customize the flavor.

Milk and cream can be added but then you get the taste of it by the puree and it then becomes Papperiger.But you can also use a little spinach and coarse ground pepper and mix it well. Little paprika and curry through it and then bake a light crust in a baking pan to the puree. A bit like a thick pancake, actually. Do not add or virtually no milk or cream because it will quickly become too mushy. Add salt to taste. Also do not bake too long because then it becomes too loud…

It is actually no more puree in that case, but more of a kind of biscuit.But it does smell good and especially for the youth who eat a lot of chips it can give a surprising taste.

Instead of whipped cream, I always put on cream fraŚćĮche. It’s here in America an expensive ingredient, so I make my own.250ml whipped cream with high fat content and a tablespoon buttermilk. Warm deroom to about 38C put the buttermilk in it, stir briefly and leave it in a warm spot for 24 hours. The oven with the light on works perfectly. Salt and white Pepe and the boiled potatoes airy pureren. Not too much editing because then they become “lijmig. L

Don’t forget to warm up your milk before you cut it into the (future) puree.Otherwise you will get a slight soap flavor.

My tastiest potato puree I make by taking a good potato (and there you can also vary in it, every potato tastes different), cook in the peel and then with a mash squeeze the puree.
Then with a little bit of warm milk and hand whisk make the puree creamy.

Result: a velvety puree, which already has enough flavour.
But vary with cheese, spices, butter, garlic can never hurt

Everything the others say here makes the puree tastier.You can also add some mustard, which gives just that little bit extra. Not too much, then it goes dominate.

I actually get this kind of question never… What is your own taste?What looks like you are tasty in potato puree.. Smite it and go test it out.. Stew Kale BV is actually also just puree with kale let your imagination go nicely..

You can add a stock cube while cooking.

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