How can I make my life better in 10 minutes?

You already have everything to be happy

All you need is a nice way to look at his life.

I’m sitting here in a cafe in North Hollywood writing on my storyboard for Karmabrushes.I recently posted a video on Facebook about what we already have. I am not talking to the child in Africa who is thirsty, or to the men and women who are currently fleeing to Europe in boats across the Mediterranean. I’m talking to you who’s just sitting in front of his computer. Has food, has clothes and a roof over your head which is probably doing very well in general.
You probably have more than that.You have people in your life who value you, family, friends of work colleagues. Everything you really need you already have, right?

Nevertheless, we do not see life like this… we are unhappy.we long for more comfort, more love, more money, more food, more entertainment, more vacation, more recognition of everything a little more. But why aren’t we happy with what we have?

If all this reminds you a little of yourself, read the following carefully.

Again and again I told you about my “thankfulness challenge”, in which I told someone every day what I am grateful for today.Over time, this challenge became a routine but I didn’t really appreciate the moment and all the things and ended that routine again. Because it’s nice to list all the things we’re grateful for, but we also need to fundamentally change our mindset and really learn to be satisfied with the situation we’re in. Because that’s what makes us really happy.

I’m a simple man.Find it helpful to orient at few principles and live by them. Because if you are happy with the current situation you can come what likes and you will always be happy. Wealth will not solve your problems. What will solve your problems and make you happier is your attitude to your life.

Be grateful. Be grateful for all the people in your life.Don’t complain about the little things you’re doing wrong. You are grateful for being in your life and enjoying time with you. Be grateful for the things you already have and don’t aspire to want much more. The simple moments in life that make us so beautiful memories, instead of longing to create the perfect moments.

Respect. When we show gratitude to someone in our lives.Let us treat him with respect. No matter if your boss wasn’t nice to you today, it allows you to live your life the way you want it. If you are unhappy, cancel. Show respect for the world around you, maybe you’re sitting in a cafe like me and you’re watching all the people around you. Appreciate that you are as well off as you and that you can enjoy this moment. Let your deeds speak words.

Help others. If we already have so much, why do we keep complaining about our lives?There are others who are not doing so well. They need help, someone to talk to. We were never people who could solve everything on our own. So we can help others have a better life. That doesn’t mean you should now spend every spare minute helping others. But maybe you like to help others in a way that you enjoy super much. You can organize running groups, help in an old people’s home or maybe offer photo courses in the city. There are so many ways you can share your knowledge with others and you and those you help lead a happier life.

Here are a few little rituals you might want to incorporate into your life

  1. Get up early and if you’re after it, you’re thanking for something or someone in your life
  2. Meditate
  3. If you eat, be grateful for your meal and for those who made it possible for you
  4. Be aware of every thing you do in life why you’re doing it and wonder if she’s helping you or someone else
  5. When you buy something ask yourself if you really need it

There are so many other things you can do.Whether you’re going to a new website and wondering if it makes sense now or if you’re watching a new episode of Peaky Blinders on Netflix. When you talk to someone, let the conversation not be about you and your life, but about theirs. Show Him respect and gratitude that He sacrifices his time for you.

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