How can I learn visualization? Where is a good starting point?

Visualizing well is easier than you think.However, it is often done in a wrong way. Which makes it not a success. I will take you along 7 important building blocks for successful visualizing.So you can realize your dreams & goals more easily.

Visualizing is a skill
Visualizing is a great tool to make your dreams, changes or your goals come true.Top athletes already use this frequently. They constantly visualize the sequence of all the movements they need to make in order to achieve their top performance. And they continue to repeat this until the day of the match.

What is visualizing?
Visualizing is thinking in a picture or actually video.You get a vivid picture in your head of how it is if you have achieved your goal (or change or dream). What it looks like. What you feel. What you hear. What you smell like. What you taste.

Because you lived and feel the picture completely, you create the right energy.Your brain does not know the difference between something you have yet to get or what you have already achieved. As a result, the energy is created as if it had already realised that feat. And with that you send out the energy that helps you to achieve your goal.

The steps for successfully visualizing
I see people often get excited about visualizing, but after 2 weeks of dropping off.
Why?Because they feel that they do not succeed. They do not experience that change or purpose that they envision.
To be successful with a visualization, 7 parts are very important.
I have listed them below:

Building Block 1: Motivation
Your motivation source for visualizing should really lie in actually wanting to experience and see what’s coming.You have to be open to what is coming and not already capture it beforehand.

Building Block 2: Relaxation
Visualizing works best when you are relaxed.In a state of relaxation, you are more open to suggestion and less hindered by distracting thoughts. So find a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed.

Building Block 3: Present tense
Always visualise in the present tense.So as if it is taking place now or has taken place. Not as something that is still about to happen. Our subconscious and the universe takes everything literally. If you visualize yourself in a year as healthy, you will continue to be healthy in the future instead of NOW.

Building Block 4: Detailing
Visualize to the deepest detail.Color your picture in your head from different angles and with as many details as possible. Think of what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste. Makes the whole picture alive.

Building Block 5: space in your visualization
Don’t visualize too literally and leave room in your visualization in terms of time and some details.Leave that to the universe and trust the result. Examples of too literal visualizing is that you visualize that at 31/03/2016 you win the jackpot or are pain free over a month. It is better to visualize that you will be richer or healthier every day instead of a measurable moment.

Building Block 6: power of repetition
Repeat your visualization regularly and as often as you can.By repeating it more often, the impact on your subconscious mind becomes more powerful. Also don’t Stop after a few days. Give it time and agree with yourself that you will do it regularly for a period of at least 4 weeks.

Building Block 7: Trust
Trust your subconscious mind.Release your goal after each visualization. Thoughts and feelings run synchronously when the mind and subconscious mind agree. This will allow the energy to work undisturbed with your goals and desires.

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