How can I learn to signal my dissatisfaction to other people?

who has learned to speak can speak out how he/she feels, especially if the feeling of dissatisfaction was triggered by a certain person.
In order to be able to deliver UNANGENEHME messages – to the external and/or internal trigger – life ENERGY, MUT, commitment, civil courage are required – and the ability to differentiate whether the use will be worthwhile in the long or short term.
can life energy be increased?yes, by chi-recording – chi gong exercises, walking, etc.
can one learn courage and wisdom?rather hardly. one can practice to jump more and more often over one’s own shadow and to tackle social taboos instead of bypassing as desired.

the fewest guests of a local are civilly courageous and committed enough to inform the host that YOU have tasted the meal as “salt” or “lukewarm”.thus they refuse the host the handle to feel his cook and kitchen staff on the tooth and to remedy it. what the guest does instead, if he is “dissatisfied” and still has selection at other local, he never lets himself look again in the said local. in my eyes he/she is civil coward, who votes with his feet and avoids anger.

  • Social change will not happen until people have the power to act. It requires a new expression of power, a peaceful form of power.

Not only lack of empathy allows conflicts and sufferings to persist, but also the lack of force, especially the peaceful [non-predatory power and civil courage.We need not only empathy to changethe world,but also empathetic, compassionate people with heroism who address situations in which suffering and, on top of that, apply a form of power, triggers change by holding people accountablewithout acting abusively themselves.We need more than just empathy, and more than ever we need sensitive,compassionate individualswho develop power and civil courage to tacklesuch hotspots of conflict.Otherwise, only tyrants and sociopaths take power.
Audio interview with Linda Kohanov, American riding instructor, horse trainer, lecturer, author, A New Interview with Linda, presented by Us web radio Attunement, host Anthony Write, minute 50:56, 52:50 minutes duration, hired by Eponaquest, multidisciplinary educational organization, May 3, 2013

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