How can I improve my views in Google Adsense?

There are many ways to improve his Adsense calls.In essence, however, the content of the website should be right and kept at a good level. With the quality of your content, the clicks will also get better. Of course, good positions and good formats are particularly valuable. Some advertising formats are naturally clicked more often. These have to be found out in the context of A/B tests. In addition, the following measures should be able to bring success….

Connect your Analytics and Adsense accounts

In any case, it makes sense to connect the Google Adsense account to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will allow you to get information about clicks, impressions and revenue from each ad.

It is possible to optimize your results much better and to adjust them in between.

Otherwise, your Google Adsense revenue won’t grow.

Focus on a high website Usabilty

Under no circumstances should your ads diminish the pleasure of reading.

The Google Adsense advertisement should be displayed accordingly only at the edge and sporadically.

Especially layer or pop-up advertising can be very annoying and deter the reader from a new visit.

Above all, it is important to have good legibility, suitable functionality and, if possible, a mobile view that meets modern requirements.

Regularly publish high-quality content

Only current and modern content ultimately ensures that visitors come across your website again.

Especially the current Google algorithms pay particular attention to high-quality content and the length of time visitors stay.

In the contributions, therefore, as up-to-date information, new insights or tips as possible should be collected.

It also makes sense to update old posts at regular intervals so that your post is not overtaken by other providers.So the premise still applies here: no price withoutdiligence.

Too much advertising significantly affects the enjoyment of reading.

If the reader determines that the page is overloaded with advertisements, the next time the reader does not access the content.

Especially when it comes to returning visitors, significant savings should be made here.

A maximum of 3 advertisements should in any case remain as a rough guideline.

Build your readership first

Before it makes sense to show advertisements, there should be a firm readership.

It makes no sense to fill websites with too much advertising.Readers are quickly deterred and the site also loses relevanceto Google Adsense.

If your posts are good, a large readership will continue to return in the future.

Use Adsense advertising with exciting design

In the discussion about Google Adsense designs there are numerous opinions and opposing designs.

While one grouping thinks it makes sense to adjust the ads to the site style as much as possible, another grouping thinks it makes more sense to differentiate the ads as color as possible.

Ultimately, it’s hard to tell which variant is better.

However, there are some findings that show that advertising is effective with clear calls and a manageable structure.

Don’t just use the classic Adsense advertising banner seats

On many sites, there is no question where the ads appear.It is usually pop-ups at the top right and at the sidebar. These places are known to the reader. As a result, these areas are often already hidden and no longer attract attention.

Currently, the best placements are still between the texts and paragraphs.In general, however, there will be a departure from banner advertising. The overlays are already declining. Video advertising, on the other hand, is making a big leap.

Here, the probability seems high that the impressions and perception of advertising will increase.In many cases, advertising banners are simply used in the wrong places. Therefore, consider the Active View Measurebale measure in the Google Search Console

This allows you to see if your ads are actually being seen.

A tip that is also shown to you in the video is: Arrangement “Above the fold”.”Above the fold” means that you can mainly see advertisements at the top of the loaded home page without having to scroll. The ad impressions are transported directly at the page call.

Text vs. Display Advertising

Both text and display advertising are attractive advertising media.Imprints seem to be positively influenced when the texts in ads also move.

Attention increases accordingly to the moving area.In contrast to the elaborate display advertising, however, text advertising is supposed to be more lucrative. We recommend paying more attention to the side loading times and reducing the proportion for this reason.

After all, even more important than advertisements are satisfied website visitors who can record good content directly and leave the site with a good feeling.

This is the only way you can count on Returning Visitor.

Good luck.

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