How can I help someone who is in a panic attack?

Breathing in a panic attack is very important.Try to help the other by focusing on breathing, do this quietly and controlled. Someone who is in the midst of a panic attack tends to take a higher breath. Breathing then comes from high on the chest, instead of at the bottom of the abdomen. The superficial, faster and restless breathing contributes to the panic attack and thus not to the calmer. And because the focus is placed on breathing, the attention to fear is also less so that it will take off.

However, by running above you help someone with a panic attack temporarily, namely during the panic attack.The panic attack an sich is therefore not fully remedied. The person who receives these attacks is best able to seek help from a caregiver. Think of the GP who, if necessary, can refer the person concerned to specialised care. Avoiding a panic attack is not the solution, it is important to understand how the panic attack arises and what can be done about it.

I myself have experienced it once a year and a half ago due to personal stress.What helped me then is a calm quiet environment and people around me who stayed quietly and there were for me, gave me space. As Lindsay Van der Have also indicates, trying to help to get my breathing in order was also important.However, that with chronic hyperventilation is very tricky. It really came down to a quiet environment, absence of incentives.

I went to the doctor and then I got help for the underlying causes.I am very happy with the help I have had, but it is a violent period with many doubts.

It took me a long time to accept that it was a panic attack and that I needed help.After all, you’ll be in for too long trying to keep that 芒 鈧?艙it’s going to be good, 芒 鈧?and 芒 鈧?艙you have it under control. 芒 鈧?After the attack itself I have looked back a time and started to clear all the other physical manifestations of the tension. Pain in my back, headache, etc, everything started to fall into place. In addition to the fact that this is at first harder to make me realise that I really need help.

Coincidentally, I have people around me who I trust well and where I could go with my story.Because they kept me in a good way for a mirror I could get a lot of rest from it. So too can talk about the process to itself.

I think you need everything to get out of it.People around you who listen (really listen!), helpers that help you in the right hand, a piece of self reflection that you need it. In the meantime, I am good at it and I am glad that I have sought and received professional help. So advise someone with a panic attack to go to the GP and get a referral to a psychologist.

Quietly breathing count with him to ask her 10 what’s going on what your thoughts say to you is that true is that what’s going on now. Observe I am now here this find place now.Give people what to eat preferably something of sugar. People cannot chew and be afraid at the same time. Being sweet helps sometimes just being quiet which also helps she is equally well snuggle and give a hug. Ask what they think is going on and refute that

I focus on the environment, which is unchanged despite my panic.A focus point is also what the therapist gives me. A flower in her room. In addition, stroking, stroking over my hand or rubbing my thighs down. Do it yourself. An outsider can help focus on an object and breathing. Control and be present. What also helps is the gates of NAET therapy massaging. Google but on image. The system soothes this. In fact, self-execution gives focus.

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