How can I help myself if I suffer from severe depression and anxiety attacks? Medication does not work for me.

Go running.It helps.

The crazy in this world there is often medication is prescribed in depressions and anxiety attacks.However, medication acts on the physical body, while the complaint has a mental, psychological form. Of course, everything that has effect on your body also has an effect on your mind because the two are strongly connected (if you are sick for a long time you tend to become mentally lifeless and narrig), so it certainly contributes if you are physically active And once a day is equally good outdoors, so running is certainly not a bad option. However, I know people who then go into sport or fitness so much that they are going to hunt the adrenaline rush of sweetheart, which can bring a hefty effort to suppress the mental complaints in fact. Either they focus their attention so much on something else that they can no longer pay attention to the original problem. For their own eyes, the problem seems to be gone. However, the development of the personality adds little more than a piece of discipline, which is okay, but that is something else than you really deal with the stirred of the inside of your play.

But what you can learn from the athletes is: stay active.Anxiety and depression tend to push you back into your little corner so that you encounter as few stimuli as possible that bring out the nasty experience world. But they are opponents you have to overcome, so take on the little challenges. Goethe suffered from vertigo and what he did was every day climb the tower in his city to face this. I myself have suffered from highway anxiety during a burnout period and despite that I have kept my car and tried a small part of the highway every time. In the beginning, that was seemingly laughable: I chose a piece where I could take a turn after about 500 meters, but always take that obstacle again helped me to get a little further in my process.

The problem is, of course, deeper and is broader than simply overcoming such a highway fear, but it is a very practical method: suit what lies right in front of your feet.Every inch you pick will help you a little further, even though it doesn’t seem like that at the moment. My motto at that time was often ‘ death or the Gladiolus ‘, because it seemed desperate, so it seemed to me better to die in the armor (I often had the idea that my heart was doing it) than to give up and only live for a quarter instead of full.

Life is Doodeng, partly because we end up dying and we do not know when our time is, but also partly because of what we have been pumped into our head in the course of our lives by our environment (family, work, society).The unspoken message is that if we only live sister or so that it is all good, but if you are different and your genes are not suitable for the ratrace in our society then you miss sooner or later the connection with what is quietly expected all W is from you. For example, a truly creative mind often doesn’t get the food it needs, and if that was so from childhood, there is a chance that you won’t even realise that special capacity is that lurks in you. Your uniqueness, your individuality. That can be a long process to discover where it is. I myself have had a passion for the guitar from my early childhood, which was not particularly stimulated in an Orthodox Christian environment. Only later did I buy myself a guitar and have been practicing, even though it was a friend for life. Examples that I could draw on were not there, but there was something inside that could not find a connection with popular music and I never became familiar with classical music. And yet… the play of the strings and your fingers remained captivated and in earlier years I also wrote and performed many songs (in Dutch), with which I have exceeded thresholds/fears which I sometimes did not even know they were there. But the narrow-minded family background turned out to be such a threshold, by doing so I freed myself from the narrow-minded spirit in which I grew up. Only a lot, much later I found out that my true passion and talent lie in writing instrumental pieces, which keep the middle between popular and classical. No one who asks and I will probably never earn a penny with it, but it has become my ‘ home ‘ that no one else has control over. A house where I feel confident, and free, an area where everything may be: pain, joy, anger, disappointment, expectation, hope etc. Every feeling, however subtle, can and should be there without any judgement.

What I mean is: Find what your passion is and stay true to it.Sometimes it’s the only thing you have left, but your loyalty will drag you through it. This world is not one of inner values, so the chance of disappointments, confusion and solitude is quite large if you do not meet the unspoken expectations. Consumption Society continually manipulates your thoughts, so you need an anchor in yourself to grow and prosper what you are and who you are; Herein lies the key to self-confidence and self-confidence is the key to releasing fear and negative thoughts. Allow yourself to be changed, often you are unconsciously stuck to the conventions of society that prevent you from coming to your own core/capacity/talent.

I do not like Dutch pop music, but I recently caught a nice sentence, which I unfortunately do not know of who it is: “Make sure that the fire does not extinguishes, because then the wolves come”.

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