How can I handle my thoughts better?

A few years ago, I was waiting to hear about a job I wanted.

I wanted the job so much that it hurt.

I had made it to the last round of interviews.It was a highly paid position with an exciting, interesting list of responsibilities.

It was in a nice office.In a fast-growing company.

I would work with great colleagues: smart, motivated, team-oriented with a good attitude.

Two weeks after the third round of interviews, I received the call.

By her tone, I knew the answer immediately before I heard her: “We decided to work with another candidate.”

I was polite and thanked them for their time.

But when I made the call, I was very sad.

Totally angry.”How did I not get that? Everything went so well in these interviews! They seemed to love me! “

I didn’t overcome it in one day.Or a week for this matter.

Years later, at another fork, I was looking for another job.Similar circumstances. Very competitive job. Lots of great candidates. All are capable.

I wanted this job.I really wanted it. It was as exciting as the first. I had made it to the last round of interviews. There were two candidates out of many. I was waiting for my callback.

This time I said to myself.”OK, Sean. The last time we went through this, you were bitter for a month.

“Let’s plan now – if you get the job, great.If not, let’s take the hit. It’s going to shit. But we will not go into it any further. “

And sure enough – “You were an impressive candidate, Sean!But we have decided to …

… you know the rest.

The rejection was bad.But this time – I have planned and stood for the rejection. Consequently, it hit far less impact. And the stitch had a much shorter duration.

Bad times are bad times.You cannot positively forget them.

Think of a great skier.

He does not go down the ski slopes and expects a flat descent.He anticipates predictions of dips, curves, ice surfaces.

His body is in a loose state for unknowns.

He wobbles.He weaves sometimes it works. Sometimes it is not

Any experienced person who has learned anything from life will tell you: life consists of a series of hills.

As you prepare for the future, you are better prepared for the difficult moments in life.They will happen faster and easier.

Managing the good times is the simple part.

The hard times are what you get. You must be ready for these double black diamonds.

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