How can I get more attention (followers) on my company page on LinkedIn?


my first tips are about profile settings.With LinkedIn, you can make it even easier for potential leads, contacts and friends to find and contact you with just a few clicks.

If you have not yet adjusted the settings and contact details of your profile accordingly, go to “Open.Edit Profile & URL”. Now you can adjust the visibility of your profile. I recommend keeping all controllers on public, because this is the easiest way to find them and build a strongnetwork.

In order to ensure greater visibility, even the most obvious ways are possible, which in my experience are particularly welcome to be forgotten.For example, through the email signature, which can be a really good lever for more visibility. Because your email signature is the perfect place to point out your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s how I do it:

Of course, there are also some things you can use internally on LinkedIn for better visibility:

That’s why we’ll take a closer look at the posts and posts next. Here you can also do a lot to increase the range.

Use videos for increased range

Here, the nature of your content is the most important factor.

Videos can give you a lot of reach and interaction – of course, if they’re relevant to your audience and appealing. Talking heads work particularly well, where you can see the speaker, as the example of Stephanie Bosch shows:

Try a live video with LinkedIn!

In general, visual content is great for increasing your reach on LinkedIn.

Hence my next tip:

Use visual content

In times of increasing information flood and declining attention span, they are the ultimate antidote and tie the attention of your followers.

Here’s how to use visual content successfully:

Images that convey emotions work best.Suitable motives are, for example, laughing people or things that inspire us to dream. Even a funny video can stimulate your followers’ imagination and actuate. Combined with a clear call to action, this is a strong combination!

When selecting images, also make sure that the motifs always match the text and context.If the text is about personality development, for example, then your pictures should also reflect this. Infographics are another great way to make the scanners among your readers happy, because infographics can quickly capture complex content. In addition, this format is gladly shared!

Another lever for more visibility and range is interaction.

Now you may be wondering – what does interaction have to do with reach?

The whole thing is closely related to the algorithm.As with Facebook, interactions on LinkedIn ensure a generally higher reach of your posts.

Shares, likes and co. ensure that your posts get a higher relevance rating and thus a higher reach.In addition, vital and vibrant channels provide trust among your existing followers and those who don’t know you yet.Reason enough to worry about the interaction rate!

Here are my tips to help your posts on LinkedIn more interact:

Search for the dialogue

To create more interaction with and among your followers, there are open questions that you can ask at the end of a post, for example.Here you can easily provoke something and encourage readers to comment on your point of view.

Just ask your followers, for example, where their biggest challenges lie in the field where you are an expert.

  • You can also use the answers super to generate new content for your blog or social media.
  • Or just to develop new products and services.

because then you know which topics your followers are most interested in…

Respond to interactions

You should always respond to questions, comments and other interactions in your posts as quickly as possible.Otherwise, you quickly get the impression that you don’t care about such interactions and you’re already choking on new interactions. Then it’s best to engage your followers in a short conversation. This will give you even more interesting details and Facebook will rate your post as more relevant because there are more interactions.

Entertaining content is the trump card

As soon as your content is funny and it makes your audience smile, the chances of the interaction rate rising also increases.When you work as a coach, coach or consultant, of course it’s all about content that reflects and underlines your professional work and attitude. If you bring the whole thing over again and again with a wink, then this can increase your sympathy values enormously.

People usually prefer to buy from those they can identify with, who are sympathetic to them and whom they trust…

Just test a little bit what content and what kind of humour is coming to your community.Over time, you’ll get an ever-safer feel for it and enhance your content strategy with entertaining content.

These can be, for example, gifs or funny memes and videos.

If you’re wondering what memes are now , memes are funny photos or videos circulating on the internet.They alienate or imitate well-known people and situations that have previously caused a stir in the media. Especially popular are photos, which get a different meaning through funny comments. Successful memes are becoming “viral” phenomena 鈥?that is, Internet users share them massively. The word “meme” comes from “mimema”, Greek for “imitation” and speaks “Miem”.

Be provocative

That those content that has a personal touch and reveal something of you provide the most reach and interaction, I have already mentioned.My next tip, which is to be followed:

Be open and authentic.

And also a little provocative with edge.E.g. by sharing a question or opinion that perhaps not everyone else shares. This will quickly trigger discussions and that in turn will help you increase the overall interaction rate of your posts.

That’s why I can only advise you to include such contributions in the portfolio again and again when it comes to interaction.

I hope that helped you!For more tips on marketing with LinkedIn, see this free checklist.If you are faced with the question of whether LinkedIn or Xing are better foryou, then please read the linked article.



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