How can I distinguish a narcissist from a normal person with whom I have problems?

Maybe that helps………….

Scene: It’s Saturday night, just before 5pm and just before Christmas.The day was beautiful and peaceful. The following day, the narcissist and his partner want to pick up their adult children from the airport. The narcissist just came home and connected the Blue Ray player to the TV. Unaware when he was coming home, she was still waiting for dinner. He asked her to flip the TV so he could lay the cables. While she was holding the TV, your answer to your question unfolded:

17:00 – Narcissus: (annoyed) You don’t need much food, do you?

17:00 – Deficits: ……… (WatchingTV and not understanding question)

17:00 – Narcissus: Hello?You don’t eat much, don’t you?

17:00 – Deficits: Huh?(confused and feels a collapse of the mood)

17:01 – Narcissus: I haven’t eaten anything yet!!!I see you eating so rarely, that’s why I ask!

17:01 – Deficits: (TV tilting back) I’m doing something to eat now.I go to smoke a quick and then there’s dinner, I didn’t know when you’re coming home. (puts water on for noodles and goes a smoking)

(Come back to the house and narcissist now sits visibly curved and in a very fragile state of health on the couch, she sits down with him)

17:06 – Deficits: What’s going on?

17:06 – Narcissus: My blood sugar level is in the basement, I’m obviously very bad.It’s telling that you don’t realize that I’m obviously very hungry and you have nothing better to do than smoke.

17:07 – Deficits: The water boils the same and the noodles only take 8 minutes, with pesto you eat in 10 minutes!Do you want a piece of chocolate for blood sugar as long as you like?

17:08 – Narcissus:………….. (gets up from the couch and puts on his jacket)

17:08 – Deficits: (running after him) Where do you want to go?

17:09 – Narcissus: I forgot something.I have to go again. I….I’ll be back right away.

17:09 – Deficits: Hh?Don’t you want to eat something first? It’s done right away! You almost died there and now you want to go again without having to eat anything?

17:09 – Narcissus: Start without me!If you first eat something, it is important to me that at least you have something in your stomach! (Narcissist caresses her face and drives off, she stands baffled at the door, Klack)

5:17 p.m. 鈥?(she sits down at the laid table and keeps the food warm)

17:40 – (Phone rings, the narcissist calls)

17:40 – Deficitaries: (with a trembling voice) Where are you?The food gets quite cold!

17:40 – Narcissus: (in a fragile voice) I am with me.It was the worst car ride I’ve ever had to endure. I was afraid to build an accident because of my blood sugar level. But to whom am I telling this right now; You don’t care. (Voice recovers into aggressive)

17:41 – Deficit :Where are you?That’s not your seriousness now!!!! I’m sitting here waiting for you to eat!!!

17:41 – Narcissus: I have never been treated so cruelly in my life.If I had known that I wouldn’t get anything to eat from you, I would have bought a doner in the city. I idiot! I still think with myself, oh Katrin is already making dinner for us, but no! You didn’t even offer water to me – not even water! You’re just a bad hostess!

17:42 – Deficits: How please?You sleep here, you go to the Clo here, you already live here and can’t get water out of the fridge?

17:42 – Narcissus: P枚h, I don’t go to their refrigerators with strangers!

17:43 – Deficit :Foreigners????What is the noise in the background?

17:43 – Narcissus: Toast!I eat a piece of toast. I have to eat something. I don’t get anything with you! But is okay, Katrin, I now bring my own water and a small packed lunch when I come to you. Then there will be no more misunderstandings. It is also my fault, I could have bought the doner. I alone bear the responsibility!

17:44 – Deficit:You take a 30-minute drive to gnaw at a dry toast and couldn’t wait 5 minutes for the noodles?When will you come back? The children will come tomorrow!!!

17:44 – Narcissus: I don’t know, Katrin.I now have to spare my body and think about all your cruelty to me and what it means to me.

5:45 p.m. – Deficits: What exactly does that mean, you might not be coming tomorrow?I don’t believe it now! I’m already fixed and ready! Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to me?

17:45 – Narcissus: I would also have liked the evening to be a little different.I’ll tell you what, I’ll report to you tomorrow when I’ve thought about everything.

(phone call ended)

(she has panic attacks, is in shock)

(new call, wiping away tears)

17:50 – Deficits: Papi, you can pick up the children from the airport tomorrow with me, …… isn’t it going well, he suddenly got sick?

17:50 – Dad: Oh, that’s a pity, hope it’s better soon!Yes, when should I be with you?


Same scene between a non-disturbed person and a non-deficit person:

17: 00 – Non-disturbed person: Sweetheart, I have prison.

5:00 p.m.- Non-deficit person: I’m doing something to eat, mouse fur.

17:00 – Non-disturbed person: Pretty sharp as you keep the TV….is there dessert?

17:00 – Non-deficit person: *miau*

The difference: 50 minutes

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