How can I develop into a gifted man?

Do you know the story of the fog drinker beetle August and the bird?

Of course not, because I just came up with them.

The fog drinker beetle August has a hard life in the desert.
During the day, the sun torments him.She relentlessly descends on him. At night, the cold torments him.

And right now?Now he’s thirsty. So thirsty.

He sees a bird.He looks fresh and has a very good mood.

“Why are you in such a good mood, Bird,” August asks him.
“Are you not thirsty?”

“No,” the bird replies, beaming with joy.He points to a lonely, very high rock that stands in the middle of the desert. “There’s a water source up there, I’m flying there every day and getting a fresh drink!”

August thanks for the tip and is now very happy, because he knows where he gets his water.He just has to fly there. So go … Just to fly off … Nothing happens. He doesn’t move.

Throughout the day, August tries to fly high to the water source with increasing desperation.He jumps, he dances, he says: FLIEG! But nothing works and his thirst grows. He wouldn’t last long.

So he went to the cave of the Lodenmantel.

The Loden mantel was a talking, floating mantle in a cave known for its good answers.

“Lodenmantel” asks August.
‘I’m so thirsty.There is a bird that always flies to the only water source in the area. But it doesn’t work! How can I fly?”

The Lodenmantel laughs loudly.It looks like his invisible chest is shaking. What an ass.

“What’s so funny about it?” asks August.

“Well, don’t you know who you are?” asks the Lodenmantel.

“I’m August.”

“You’re a fog drinker beetle!”

“But how can I fly like him or you?”

The Lodenmantel did not give him a long, searching look, because he had no head.

‘You can do something that everyone here in the desert would envy and you don’t use it.Tomorrow morning, when the sun rises, you go up the mountain and lift your butt into the air. Okay?”

August was amazed by this advice, but he thanked the Lodenmantel and did as he was told and a miracle happened.

As he climbed the mountain and the morning fog passed him, dew formed on his buttocks. He could make water out of air!It was like magic! Small droplets formed on his body and flowed together in his mouth.

August was unable to fly.

But from now on, August was never thirsty again.

Highly gifted for what?

Classically, high talent means a “high talent for reflection”.

But thinking is not the only thing a brain can do.
Brains do a lot of things.

And people too.

Trying to be someone you’re not is inefficient.

The bird and the beetle are good as they are and most efficient by simply being themselves.And both end up somehow getting water by using their own talents.

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