How can I become a successful trader and with 3 to 4 successful trades in a week ?

It is possible to be a successful trader on the stock exchange.

Let me explain how I did this:

When I started trading on the stock market, I read and heard many bug stories from friends and relatives who lost huge amounts of money on the stock market.You may have heard the same thing. I’m absolutely optimistic about what I’m doing and I never give up. I just believe that I can also sell sand in deserts (because of my talent and my skills I believe in it)

The journey to success begins with learning.Success is the first step to learn and you need to learn everything thoroughly. In no area is there an abbreviation for success. If you think you can be a millionaire by just investing a few thousand dollars or following someone, that’s not possible.

If you really want to be successful on the stock market and want to earn a lifetime, you need to understand this stock market, its history and the trader mentality that means I’m going to earn everything today as if there was no tomorrow.

A successful stockbroker is actually an investor waiting for the perfect time.He does not trade frequently like other traders, but is always waiting for his perfect price.

For example, when the port of Adani was between 400 and 405, I did not buy, although I expected a target of 430 in the short term, because it seems expensive to buy at this level.I waited for the downside and bought at 385 when the election results came out of Gujarat. I have booked this stock for 430. That is how we have to be smart.

Aggressive trader buys everything at any price without risk calculation and he loses his capital.I’m not an aggressive trader, but I’m conservative who just takes a calculating risk and makes big profits.

First of all, I am not acting against the trend.The market trend over the last few months has been purely bullish, so I don’t find any negative or bearish stocks, but I only find the best bullish stocks that could have potential in the next few days. I don’t buy stocks that haven’t performed well for many days. I only buy bullish stocks at lower prices, as I mentioned when Adani Port was bought at 385.

I have made bargains from my experience and my learning habits on the stock market.I don’t follow technical consultants or television professionals or even watch TV. I follow only one consultant who is Best investment advisor in India, Genuine SEBI registered stock advisory company, Best Intraday tips provider, Reliable jackpot tips provider, because he always gave me good guidance and knowledge.Personally, I believe that there are very few real advisers in the market that you can trust, and Equitics is one of them.

I gave them my Zerodha account to manage them, and they did a really good job.I gave them 3 lac funds and chose their onyx profit plan, which they completed in just 30 days, and I drew the same plan again.

This is in my opinion that you can make good money with the market if you have the right knowledge during your own trading that you have a real service provider like Best investment advisor in India, Genuine SEBI registered stock advisory company, Best Intraday tips provider, Reliable jackpot tips provider, which I mentioned above.

Disclosure: The above statements are from Zerodha and I have user rights for the same account.

Thank you very much!!

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