How can I avoid the best muscle pain in my thighs after intense physical exertion?

Let your masseur massage you with firm hands.As a soigneur from cycling. It can detach everything.

Firstly, congratulations on your intensive effort!You have proven your body a great service by temporarily damaging and breaking down your muscles.

And no, this breaking down is just a good thing if your goal is to create stronger muscle mass or gain more volume in this muscle mass.With the right post-workout routine, you ensure that the muscles will actually repair themselves again and will be stronger than ever next time.
The muscle pain caused by the damage is almost inevitable when the workout was really effective.
I could almost say that muscle pain is the goal (depending on your goals).The routine below will not help in the prevention of muscle pain, but rather in the healing of the broken muscle mass.

A standard routine that you can follow after a strenuous effort to serve your body properly (preferably) should consist of:

If you have another 5 -10 minutes after the workout, this will affect the blood flow in the trained area and “the wastes” will be removed from the legs more quickly.

Also for the circulation and drainage of wastes, but also for stretching the muscles for flexibility of the limbs and stability/support of the bones.

Finally, you can finish the blood flow with a solid sports massage or yourself “massage” with a (foam) roller.This massage processes the deep muscle tissue that is normally barely touched but is very disastrous for the rest of the muscle group.

Proteins/proteine are always a good idea before and after an intense workout.These are the building blocks that our body repairs again when needed.
The shake or proteinerepen that you often encounter in the gym consist, for the most part, of active proteins to optimally and quickly provide the body with these building blocks.Your muscles will be grateful!

The last and equally important step is to consume a large amount of water.Hydrating your muscles and organs will also help you to dispose of the residual substances. Even when you do not train (intensively), drinking water is a must to keep your body as clean as possible. But that’s what we learn from small:).

Have fun with your upcoming trainings and be allowed to achieve your goals safely and with surpassed success!

Make sure you take the time for a so-called cool-down.These are exercises that bring your muscles back into their ‘ normal ‘ state.

That may be a bit tricky at your workplace, but bring it to the attention of your employer.Then there is something to settle.

By using recovery power!…

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