How can I avoid Google’s spying if I have an Android phone?

Swap him for an iPhone.Then it’s Apple spying on you instead of Google…

Just as simple: if you don’t want to be spied on, take a phone without the Internet.That spying may still be there but there is no option for that software to send the data to the headquarters. But yeah, an Android phone without Internet is actually just a phone, huh?

Anyway you will even be spied on even though you do not use the Internet.Your telecom provider knows who you are calling, by whom you call and when and for how long all those conversations are. And they also collect that data.

So then no phone?

Or you can pick it up smarter and only enter data on your phone that Google may know.Your name, gender and age? There you can lie quietly. Google may quietly think that I am a 19-year-old Jewish girl with red hair. (That’s not me!)

In addition, Google doesn’t have that much interest in you!What they want to know is what you love to buy and where you like to get their ads adjusted. If you come to the Arena in Amsterdam on a regular basis, Google may come up with offers for cheap football tickets for the next games. If you come to the Media market, you may also get offers for the latest Fifa football games for the PSP, Nintendo or XBox. Everything to turn you on to buy more products.

Armed with this knowledge, you now know what you can do against that espionage.You can put them on a false track so that the information they collect about you is not right at all. Should you as a guy just go googling for tampons and sanitary, for example. The false information you generate will go to hide the real information…

In fact, you can only avoid your data being retained by Google if you don’t use any of Google’s products at all.Even their search engine collects data about what you’re looking for, so you’ll see more and more “targeted” ads on virtually * all * websites you visit. Incidentally, this is not just for Google.

If you (with a lot of effort) would ask all the information that Facebook has collected about you in 5 years, you would see a book work of thousands of A4 pages thick.

All websites, without exception, collect data about you.There is really no website to be found, which * does * not * track who visits the site, and what they do there. The only remedy against this spying is to never use the Internet again. But that is practically impossible nowadays.

There are, of course, good reasons for collecting such data:

Websites want to provide the customer with content that is interesting. By looking out, what the customer finds interesting, this can.

Websites want to make their website as attractive as possible.If someone leaves the website, a questionnaire comes up. When completed, the designers can see what’s going on.

There are many more reasons to think about it.

There are also bad reasons to invent.

For example, if a visitor continues to look long enough, reads things and others doesn’t, buys things and others doesn’t, and keeps track of when a visitor leaves and returns, you can create a ‘ visitor profile ‘.This profile is worth money. Reselling it provides the buyer with a ready-made sketch of who the visitor is and what he does and does not want to see. Saves a lot of time and money!

However, it does not only happen online.

Also every time you go in the grocery store along the checkout, the same happens!What you buy, whatever it is, is registered. All purchases made that day are used to determine which products should be refilled when.

And that customer card, with which you get a discount, the store also supplies a goldmine of information. If you suddenly buy magazines about babies, 9 months later a congratulation card could end up in your letterbox.And in the future, specific offers can even be offered specifically to your preferences.

Even your (mobile) phone gives the provider the opportunity to compose a profile.If you only call at certain times, they’ll see how long you work on which hours per day, for example.

That spying is everywhere.The art is not to let you go mad. Because where in the world data may also be available, they are collected all your life long. So long as you don’t have anything to hide, it’s annoying, but you can’t stop it.

Even if you indicate on a website what data you do not want to be collected, you cannot see if one likes to be there too!And who checks that these rules are complied with? Exactly. That is not mentioned anywhere!

You can install another operating system.Furthermore, you should not use Google products anymore. So not the Google search engine, there are sat other search engines, no Gmail, no Youtube, no Chrome.

If that’s too much: turn your 4g off if you’re not using the Internet and turn off Wi-Fi when you walk on the street.Via WiFi, Google can see which stores you walk and record. Also don’t use “smart” devices at home.

Take out the battery.

Remove your Google account from your phone.


With the purchase of your Android, you have sold your soul to Google.With an iphone it’s no different.

Lineage OS without Gapps (but alternatives to this).I myself have no problems with being spied on by Google. Yes, yes, if your child disappears you would like Google to know everything about it.

If you can do just a rom like Lineage OS on it.With this Google Play store is not required. The only problem is that many APs have Google Play Services needed to function.

Android in itself is an operating system from Google, and if you want to stay off the radar, switch to old versions of Android Google as Device Manager, the associated apps and features.The purpose of Google is to provide user-friendliness and security for users, so if you disable everything, you will have to admit to make your device work optimally.

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