How can I, as a quiet, polite person, deal with someone who raises his voice or appeals to me rude?

Accept and learn to understand.Everyone has been brought up differently, other kind of people around him. You must understand that elevating your voice can be a part of his or her education, difficult to forget.

I am such a person.

No, I’m not trying to shout at you, no I try not to be common.My father always taught me to be the louder in an argument, as much as I try to teach it — I always think afterwards, “What should those people do not think of me.”

Attacking does not mean that someone will not listen to you.I work out your information and the day later I come back to you to verify your story, possibly even completely against what I said to give you right.

Elevating your voice is not something that a person deliberately does, it is a learned method of discussion.Do not take it personally, we are all brought up differently.

Please take my apologies for all the people who, like me, have learned “wrong” to conduct discussions.We Find your point of view no less important!

Yeah, that’s hard.The best will then be to avoid them, if you can. The best for you and maybe for the other. For yourself, it is painful and the proverb is true: “What you deal with is getting infected.” For the other, it might be a reflection on their behaviour.

If it is not different, the contact keeps to a minimum, be emotionally flat and restrained, keep it at the Essentieele.

In general, you can’t change their behavior, despite your understanding and compassion for possible backgrounds.

One of the previous answers indicates that you have to understand and just adopt.In other words: I am so, sorry, treat it. That is obviously not the way. It is their responsibility just as much as yours to deal with each other well. Means that if they sincerely try to be less rude, you will be positive.

Today I also had such a moment in front of the street, I simply asked an old man if the bus had already passed.The man shot straight into the attack and said with a loud, untold tone, no the bus has not yet been, do you see those people not standing?! As a recipient of that message, I immediately went back to it with a calm tone, could it be that those people of now have just joined? When the woman who stood with him quietly told me that the bus was too late, and that IE had yet to come. I told the woman that it often happens that these buses do not get through on Sunday, and that old man shot again in the attack and gave his opinion that I also accepted, when I gave my opinion and again began to do that unruly against me and said that IE was not in agreement with my opinion, I did not go on that and yet continue to defend his opinion. In the end I diplomatically said, look! Everyone has their own opinion and should but believe what he or she believed in, there was my last answer to the whole discussion. After I had said that, he continued to do that he did not agree with my previous opinion on the buses, I did not go into it anymore because for me the conversation Alang was over.

, “Don’t Raise your voice, raise your argument.

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