How can I appear at the top of google Maps results?

To appear under Google’s local results, you first need a homepage and a Google My Business account.

You don’t have to hire an expensive web designer for your homepage.To rank successfully among the local results, you only need one page that is optimized for search engines. A simple theme with WordPress is enough for this.

The Google Maps results are quite valuable for local businesses.Very few use offline means for local searches.

Another advantage is that if you consider a few small things, you can appear pretty quickly among these local results.For organic search results, this usually takes a little longer.

So that no one is confused here, first of all the difference between local and organic search results.

So what little things do you have to consider to appear under the map results?


Your homepage

Your homepage must have the usual SEO optimization.Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as some people think.

For a better understanding, I take an example of a local mobile phone shop with the fictitious name “Handycowboy”.

Here is an example of pages that your home page should have, along with appropriate local keywords for it.Keywords in parentheses.

Homepage (Handycowboy Frankfurt)

About us (About Handycowboy Frankfurt)

Contact (Contact Handycowboy Frankfurt)

Service (Handycowboy Frankfurt “Name-des-Services”)

Blog (Blog: Handycowboy Frankfurt)

Each page should have at least 300 words.Otherwise, you should include any service in your pages that has to do with your industry. Our handy cowboy divides its pages as follows:

This helps Google understand what business you’re in.It also shows that customers are in good hands with you as you offer a comprehensive service.

2.Your Google My Business Account

The Google MyBusiness account is quickly created.It’s important that you upload a lot of photos of your company and that you give these photos the correct file names. So e.g.




I would try to take three photos of the outside, three photos of theinterior, three photos of your team or of you and another three photos of you at work.

Be sure to fill in all the fields in your Google My Business account.So fill out the opening hours, the description of your company and add all the contact details.

Another important point is valuations.You should urgently introduce evaluation management, i.e. respond politely and objectively to each assessment. You should also try to collect as many reviews as possible.

For you to succeed, you could help your customers online through their own Facebook group by answering questions about your industry.

Our fictitious mobile phone shop does this by telling its customers online how much it costs to repair a display damage to the iPhone 8 and what to look out for.He also likes to take the time to help his customers via online chat.

For this help he asks everyone to evaluate him, most of them like to do that.In addition to the reviews of your usual service, you’ll also get reviews for your online help.


Citations are entries in large industry directories.This includes the usual social media platforms. An example of various industry directories you could use would be:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Yelp
  • GoLocal
  • The local
  • Bing Places
  • My city
  • KennstDuEinen

These entries should match exactly with your Google My Business entry.

This should make you feel pretty good about appearing among the local search results, depending on the competition.


Since all these things include a few more points and so that this answer does not get too long here, here is a simple guide for the local ranking

Local SEO 2018 – Search engine optimization for local companies

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