How can artificial intelligence be deployed to HR?

Very easy, that’s all the case.

And you can’t even prove it!

The Wall Street Journal (screenshot) Today:

We all know how concerned “the company” is if it concerns the employees.

We all have a detailed career plan.

Bonuses each year that are commensurate to the achievements that we have been serving over the past year.

Promotions that put extra in the colours of how valuable we are.

That is why the employer is working on these new techniques that are for the time being secret.

(In the past you still had the hotline for unethical acts and, under the promise of anonymity, you can easily get the click chips out of it).

Today, the companies are looking at how they can find out which employees are the best in the data they gather about each employee.

Suppose you have a lot of data from an employee that you have always pampered and suddenly he or she leaves.

Look for the similarities to draw up a profile of these employees.

Perhaps with the goal of never recruiting such employees.

Perhaps with the goal of never “wadding them”, so that no unnecessary costs are made for someone who goes away anyway.

You will also find a profile of employees who become depressed from the excess of love and attention of the employer.

What if you can avoid recruiting?

And you may have enough data to draw up a profile of someone who is never considering to leave, any absurd change in company logo, business structure (horizontal!

Next year: Vertical! Years later: again horizontally!) and company slogan.

These are the hidden diamonds, the real workhorses that do not need anything and that remain averse to any business policy.

If they had asked me, I could have saved them from spying.

Recruit an official!

Success Guaranteed!

Still from the WSJ (screenshot):

In English “Crap always runs downhill” has many meanings.

Each company becomes a gathering place of underperforming idiots.

The best ones leave because they have options enough, can get anywhere through an interview and are impossible to bind to the company.

Idiots, on the other hand, have achieved something that they cannot achieve anywhere else.

They can’t go anywhere else for the same or better position, just because it’s idiots.

Never trust anyone from HR, a recruiter or a company manager.

They have every interest in maintaining a kind of Disney expectation.

The grim truth is that:

Belgians Swallow ever more antidepressants (I apologize for the paywall, at the time they haven’t yet by that a paywall doesn’t work since Google has made the norm for free).

If you continue to believe the Disney story, you will have a hefty midlife crisis and the pink pills waiting.

Why would you put your fate in the hands of such charlatans?

Note: For those who work in an international company (US headquarters for example), they will find that more data thefts are being committed by staff in recent years.

Via USB stick or via online storage.

Therefore IT may have put tools on your computer that should prevent this.

Something with security or guardian in the name.

We can be sure that these tools are reliable and also only do what IT shows they are doing.

Especially if you know the big guys with information about the most secret technical details and figures, easily switch to the league (AMD to Intel, NVidia to Intel for example), strange that the little fish are the problem in terms of leaks of Crucial info.

Plus if your business is doing business in China, they simply issue their patents (which they defend in the US with billions in lawsuits) plus whatever business secrecy that gives them access to the lucrative Chinese market.

If one catches a small fish on stealing secrets, then the small fish is dead.

No more chance to get started somewhere in the sector.

No chance to take it against the 1000 dollar per hour lawyers.

Who does the companies still believe?

Artificial intelligence is already applied to many HR areas; From recruitment to developing employees and predicting their departure.

I attached article you come across several examples, and my vision of why HR should be more involved in the discussions around artificial intelligence.


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