How are you thinking about gender neutral baby names? Is it a fad or did it get time for this change?

It’s a nice idea.Not entirely new, because I am old enough to have relatives with the following names:

Cor, Jo, Hennie, Bep, Willie, Wil, men as well as women.Ome Jo and Aunt Jo were a married couple, while Ome Cor and Aunt Cor were brother and sister. And I know women who like: Piet, Frans, Kees, Pim, Sascha, Anne go through life. And I’m not talking yet about the often frequent use that a diminutive indicated that it was a woman: Pietje, Hansje, Geertje, Fransje, Corrie, you name it, I think it’s fine if there are new formations, names that do not (yet) Specifically male or female connotation.

But names like Mary and Emma, and Bram and Harry, who also have their charm and I don’t see them disappear just yet.

As long as future parents still want to know if the Echo reveals a peck or not, as long as gender differences will also appear in naming.Whether we like it, whether unwise or unfair or restrictive or not. There are more important things to make us worry about.

In addition, several people I know and who have made a transition have found it right affirming or liberating to take another name.They almost never chose gender neutral.

It has existed a lot longer than today.I know adult men and women who are called Kim, Anne, Robin and Marijn. Fixed even more.

As for what I think of it: for my part, someone calls his son Mirjam and his daughter Wouter.That whole two-division male-female may be away from me as soon as possible, on a few relevant points. Indeed, it is not real. Both in biological and gender terms (how someone sees and presents themselves, independently of biological characteristics) there are simply more variants than just man and woman. There are people who feel gendernonbinary. There are people who are born with physical characteristics that do not fall within the normative descriptions of male or female (intersex).

If you want to know more about gender, sex and everything between 芒 鈧?艙man芒 鈧?and 芒 鈧?艙vrouw芒 鈧? Ryanne van Dorst has made a mini-series about this for BNN, called Gender!, still found on himself calls intersex individuals, incidentally, hermaphrodite, which is not quite a correct term, as it refers to an animal that is completely double-hearted and can reproduce itself in both ways. That has never occurred in humans. But apparently that is a term where Ryanne 芒 鈧?”herself Intersekse” feels fine.

I like them great.Thus, gender is less determined by Zo芒 鈧劉 N small thing as your name. It is easier for transgenders (though there are not many). People can know if they find it a boy or girl name, if they want to give it a label.

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