How are you able to learn more than ten hours a day?

Now, for now, we need to clarify a few questions:

  • Do you mean learning in the sense of buffaloes/learning in study or school/for an exam?

Or do you think you’re constantly learning something? But that can happen while you’re doing sports, charting, reading or watching a documentary? (In the following I will go into the first interpretation.)

  • How long should you learn 10h a day?
  • Until the next exam in 3 days? One semester? Or forever – non-stop?

  • What do you want to learn?
  • (Depending on the subject or subject, learning requires more work and concentration or less.)

  • What motivates you to want to learn so much?
  • In my opinion, the question most likely relates to study.And the following advice will relate to that.

    I don’t recommend you to learn 10 hours a day, or even more.This is simply too much.Your brain (and you) need time to rest. Much of what is learned is repeated and processed in the subconscious when one indulges in less intense activity or sleeps. This time is essential for your learning progress.

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    • Short learning phase

    But when is it okay to learn 10 hours for a few days?

    For example, if you have an important exam in a few days.

    Then you can set it up for yourself to learn a lot. This learning intensity lasts only a limited time.

    It’s like celebrating.If you come home one evening at 6 o’clock, you probably have a hangover the next day and are exhausted, but after a few days you have recovered. The more often this is repeated one after the other, the less energy you have to continue celebrating, and especially for your health you should recover.

    In addition, you shouldn’t just learn without it.

    • Share your tasks.
    • Plan breaks!
    • Find out when you’re learning most efficiently.
    • Sleep enough, eat healthy and get around.

    Each person is individual and therefore the learning type is individual.You may know someone who says they are learning ten hours a day. But you don’t have to learn so much like him. Learn efficiently.

    Invested time – Success

    • Long learning phase

    I am currently in my eight-week learning phase for university.And this is a lot of time to learn. The hardest part here is not necessarily learning, but having enough stamina to continue learning and accepting that you may not be so good at first.

    Every day (during the week) I try to learn 7-8 hours.The amount depends on how good my physical condition is and whether I have reached my respective daily goal.

    Here you can apply the same tips as with a shorter learning phase.But you should note that you make enough balance to learn. This helps you to continue to be motivated and you get less of the feeling of just being there for learning.

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