How addictive is weed? Is it easy to get rid of this addiction?

Approximately 1 in 10 regular cannabis users develop an addiction.The younger the user is, the greater the likelihood of developing an addiction because of the brain growth process in children, adolescents and teenagers.

The average age at which my (adult) patients with cannabis addiction used cannabis for the first time were 13 years.On average, so a substantial part was younger than that when they started using cannabis. The figures below refer to help questions for all types of resource dependency. Keep in mind that these figures do take into account that many years of addiction have existed before the first time you seek help from an addiction treatment institution. In any case, only a small proportion of the people suffering from a cannabis addiction to the second-line addiction treatment ends up.

Currently, cannabis dependence is the most common addiction where patients under 24 seek help in the hospital where I work.

This number has increased in recent years, while young people seeking aid for alcohol dependence have decreased over the past 5 years.

Boys have a significantly higher chance of developing an addiction compared to girls.

Use and normalization of cannabis in the social environment is an important factor in developing a cannabis dependence.

Mainly cannabis use by parents and peers are important influences. Another important causal factor is genetic fragility. In cannabis dependence, several genes are known to increase the likelihood of developing and maintaining cannabis dependence.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get rid of an addiction.An addiction means a lasting change in the brain, it is a chronic brain disease. However, there may be repairs in which the patient is prolonged or persistent abstinent or where relatively few or short-term exacerbations occur.

Cannabis addiction usually goes along with tobacco addiction in the Netherlands, as the vast majority of users mix cannabis with tobacco.The continued use of tobacco reduces the likelihood of restoring cannabis dependence. This also applies to the use of all addictive drugs. Stopping all addictive drugs at the same time increases the likelihood of recovery.

In addition, cannabis use is the risk of developing schizophrenia more often and earlier in people who have a genetic vulnerability.This also applies: the younger the user, the higher the risk of developing schizophrenia. In addition, cannabis use by inhaling gives an increased risk of chronic lung disease and, in general, an increased risk of (fatal) accidents.

The figures are the annual figures from 2017 from addiction care institution Novadic-Kentron, which provides addiction care for the whole of North Brabant, and relates to patients aged 24 years and younger.

About how addictive a plea is, scholars can claim a lot, but it doesn’t say so much.Whether you personally become addicted to it is more dependent on you than the means in itself. Certain people become addicted to narcotics for example much faster than others. Young people and those with mental illness are at risk groups. But even if you have a certain genetic composition, you become more easily addicted than people with a different interpretation of their genome.

I do not see myself as an expert in this area, but have experienced quite close to several people who were addicted to weed.When I look at how it was going, I would say that it is very difficult if not impossible to get rid of the weed.

What I saw is that it paralyze people in the sense that they are no longer taking initiatives to improve their lives, everything is best, and therefore they often drop more and more into a situation where they do not experience new things, not or difficult to work or other day best Do not pick up any fun new hobbies or interests, get their health down (until they get into serious trouble, and then change and get used to the addiction is a huge task).Etc.

Since its use also gives a clearly increased risk on psychoses-this has been scientifically demonstrated-I would preferably walk up with the greatest possible arch.

Have done hundreds of tets on weed but have never had the need to give it a try.Prefer a cool glass of beer at the right moment.

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