Have you voted on the Forum for democracy? Why?


I am not retarded, I have attention during history, and I can use MN common sense.

No of course not!

  1. I’m not so on personality cultuses
  2. I have been careful at school during history lesson.

I know what can happen if we blame foreigners and if we try to stir up the people against politicians and academics.
“We are being undermined by our universities, by our journalists, by the people who receive our art subsidies and who design our buildings.And above all, we are undermined by our directors. A clique, a clique of networkers, professional meetings, people who have never read a book in their lives and have no idea what the important issues are in the long term “

Sounds akily known

  • I really don’t understand that people can stand behind someone who denies science at the time it comes out.
  • Unfortunately, I live in a commune where one in 5 people has decided to support these fascists.Sad and worrying.

    As an expat I did not get the chance to vote.That is not so well regulated.


    Baudet has the power within this political movement and has already sidelined opponents within the party.Baudet has narcissistic personality disorder, a drug addiction and a parafilie. Apart from his political views, that can of course never go well. The man had long since been in a treatment with the GGZ.

    On the one hand the decoupling of the old political method.’ The Revolution on the right ‘, as I read somewhere, is an exact reflection of Baudets quirky, but certainly also a strategic approach. By consistently thanking for the role as a controlled opposition, in which you are supposed to adopt the left-right definitions of the cartel in the Netherlands -as well as the idea that second fiddle games is also a rewarding task -he was a free man and no Part of their theatre (that’s why Mark Rutte often suggested that Baudet ‘ plays some theatre ‘, it’s exactly the other way around).The other factor is that the party as a whole, with their EU, immigration and climate criticism, touched on a deep-seated need in society to adhere to fundamental democratic principles and the (for many apparently hilarious) concept of ‘ the Eigene ‘. To speak a little in his terms: to hold on to the logos, ratio and Condicio Humana. Because madness and collective sacrifice to the God of the obligatory view many people become too much.In other words: The train of the great global Revolution, where all the other parties have jumped for a long time, went too hard. The train passengers did not saw it, but the stayers did. That is the deception and the ‘ arrogance of power ‘ that Baudet referred to in his victory speech. ‘ “

    Baudet turns into one flowing movement disintegration of politically correct power order | ThePost Online

    If you really want to know the answer I recommend you to read the whole column… (column in comments)

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